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Meet Our Austin Staff

Jay Glauser – AMP Coach

Jay has been with Eudaimonia Recovery Homes since April of 2014. Born and raised in Houston, Texas Jay moved to Austin in 2005. In 2011, after years of attempting to manage his addiction Jay sought help and began his journey of recovery. Early on he was inspired by counselors and those with long term sobriety by their ability to help others make meaningful change in their lives.

In 2014 Jay completed his Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist training. Jay is attuned to the need of addicts and alcoholics to have a stable support system. He is passionate about helping others develop meaningful, long term recovery and supporting families through the process. Jay enjoys spending time with his wife and son, hiking, playing guitar and reading.

Jason Wilkins – AMP Coach

Jason’s sobriety began on June 4th of 2005 on the Big Island of Hawaii, when he left the place he had moved to drink himself to death to go to Treatment at Aloha House on the island of Maui.  A little over a year later he began to work at the same treatment center.  He began to see that the life he had lead of homelessness and train hopping, and addiction to which he had lost many friends over the years was no longer the way for him to live.  Jason learned how to drive, began to go to college for counseling degree but also for the experience since it had been 22 years since he had dropped out of school, lived responsibly in a house and began to be a productive member of society.  In 2010 Jason made the move to Austin TX, where some of his friends had gotten sober, many were not and his friends kept dying yet this time he was more able to be a part of and help others through hard times.  Jason began working with Nova Recovery in April of 2012 as Recovery Specialist before changing positions to AMP Recovery Coach in May of 2016.
Jason continues to grow in his own recovery and apart from working on cars, riding motorcycles, continuing to be a part of the punk rock community, the sober community, he commenced even further spiritual growth by becoming a member of the Lakota community in Texas to which he sits on sings on a native American Drum for ceremonies and partakes in several ceremonies on this path.  He has reestablished relations with his family which were lost through his years of homelessness.
Jason continues this journey with the same passion that he started it with “to treat people differently”. “I continue to sponsor others in the 12 step community and help them find the path to their own spiritual concepts and ideas, as well to their own identity.  Working to help others has been the blessing in my life to which I never thought possible and is what helps me stay on the path of sobriety, spirituality, relationships and life.  Sobriety to me today is about being able to live”.

Travis Pace – AMP Coach

He is a helper, role model and mentor. He guides clients to their true potential. When he’s not working on building hope for clients at Eudaimonia, he likes to Karaoke (even though he can’t carry a tune in a bucket), try every new taco stop he can and of course coloring books!
He is a quirky, outgoing, productive and caring person, although he’s also been known to be rebellious when forced to conform. The things he loves most in life are his Family, Friends, Recovery and his relationship with his Higher Power. He is an Ordained Minister, and he really loves it.
He has an extensive background in the recovery field. He started work for a substance abuse treatment center and worked his way from the bottom up. He loves what he does and who he does it for, his clients. He’s had struggles and setbacks in life but have not let those slow him down. He lost his brother in a tragic auto accident and has since found brothers in all of the men he gets to work with. Life is an experience and Travis believes in gaining that experience for continued personal and professional growth. He is ever the eternal optimist.


Sam Bruno – Office Manager

Sam has over two years in the addiction treatment industry.  Her career began at The Right Step as a recovery advocate in 2014.  After she left The Right Step, she joined the Eudaimonia Recovery Homes team in 2015.  At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes she has been fortunate to have had multiple roles; recovery advocate, recovery care associate, and have also worked in our on-site laboratory.  She was recently promoted to Office Manager; a position where she is responsible for the day-to-day non-clinical functions of the office.  She enjoys her new position, and it allows her to utilize the skills and experience she has gained through her years of working in the addiction treatment industry.

After deciding that she was tired of battling addiction, she entered treatment and got sober in 2012.  She relocated to Austin and lived in sober living for the next 18 months.  This is where she learned how to live a happy, healthy, sober life.  Like many in sobriety, she went to work in the addiction treatment industry.  She enjoys helping others in their quest for sobriety, working alongside some of the same people that were instrumental in her early recovery, as well as many new colleagues.

She currently attends Austin Community College where she is exploring future degree possibilities.  She loves spending time with family and friends, cuddling with her fur babies (Chloe and Nola), and spending time outdoors.


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