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Addiction Monitoring Program

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Having support in sobriety is key. Joining a recovery or accountability group can only increase your success in sobriety and having a coach to help guide you through the process can be easier than attempting it on your own. For these reasons, we offer an Addiction Monitoring Program (AMP) to provide structure and guidance that will help you succeed on your sobriety journey.

We offer three different options for our Addiction Monitoring Program. Based on your needs, these options can be short or long-term commitments. Whether you need accountability support for a month or a full year, your AMP coordinator will be with you each step of the way. Your program coordinator will work with you, your family, your sponsor and another outside contact that you designate. Together, we will form an everlasting accountability circle for your recovery.

Sober homes in Houston

Option 1

Our first option provides the most care services. It includes weekly individual sessions, two client phone calls each week, weekly family and sponsor contact, and monthly contact with a designated outside support member. Upon enrollment, online portal access will be granted and clients will work through our AMP module curriculum.

Option 2

Our second option is designed for individuals who are further along in their recovery process or have some experience in recovery. The accountability and structure of our program are still present, but this option focuses more heavily on the transition to individual accountability and design.

Sober homes in Houston
Sober homes in Houston

Option 3

Our third option is focused on maintenance and growth. Individuals enrolled in option three of our Addiction Monitoring Program have established a firm foundation in their sobriety and may just need support during a transitional phase in their life of recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers intensive outpatient services in addition to its sober living programs. We recognize that you may need additional support as you progress through your sober living program, and our IOP programs provide consistency, accountability, and assistance managing the increased responsibilities that come with life after rehab.

Sober Living in Texas and Colorado

Resisting relapse during early recovery becomes extremely difficult when you return to a harmful living environment. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers safe, supportive, and structured sober living homes for men, women, and LGBTQ men.

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