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Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and often fatal disease if left untreated. The disease of addiction effects not only the user, but their families and loved ones as well. Long term drug addiction can cause unhealthy behavioral patterns, intense resentment, emotional walls and even violent behavior. The ugly side of addiction doesn’t just stick to the drugs, but can reach every aspect of the addicts life, and can effect anyone the addict touches. Treatment for drug addiction in Austin Texas is well known throughout the state. This is a vital step to overcome addiction and enter into a new way of living life, without the use of drugs or alcohol. Extended care sober living and extended care treatment promotes support and vitals steps to sustain long-term recovery from addiction.  Most people are often ignorant or misinformed when it comes to recovery for the addiction in need of treatment. The number of reasons why this is can vary. Somehow over believe that 30 days is enough time to fix a lifelong addiction problem, others believe that 90 days is required for successful recovery. Whichever path the loved ones decides to go towards, extended care sober living and extended care treatment can add addiction support for your recovery.

The idea of looking at substance abuse or drug addiction from the perspective of a continuum of care idea through the ROSC which stands for Recovery Oriented System of Care has become more and more popular. The idea is that to ensure the best quality of care for the addiction, an addict needs a long term treatment plan that includes sober living and different levels of care. In each case the treatment would meet the patients’ needs from the highest level of care, and slowly the addict would step down from the highest level to the lowest level. This will give the addiction the necessary treatment at different stages to help prepare them to be reintegrated back into life.  From a residential treatment facility, to a high structure sober living environment. Extended care is described as a blend of both, not only will the residents be required to be clean and sober, but also continue to learn the necessary life skills, attend Intensive outpatient, learn how to cook, chores, and support groups.

What are some of the benefits of Extended Care?


Anyone that has been to a 30-90-day residential drug rehab program knows it expensive. Even if the insurance companies cover some of the cost, the out of pocket can be financially draining. The benefit of an extended care is that the cost is much cheaper and more affordable. While many inpatient drug rehab programs can cost upwards of $30,000, extended care can cost only a fraction of that price.

Length of Stay

As we all know, addiction is a disease that requires a lifelong commitment in recovery. It is near impossible to overcome addiction completely in a short period time. The long term length of an extended care drug rehab program and extended care sober living allows the necessary time to heal and to practice new learned behaviors. With the addiction clinical support to deal with any old behaviors, emotional reactions, client continue to have a strong support group during their recovery.

Flexibility and Support

Extended Care Treatment allows the flexibility and support to truly reintegrate a person back into everyday life and provide them with the necessary accountability and clinical support. A step down from the normal inpatient treatment, extended care treatment allows for more of a day treatment, which means they will be able to live in a recovery residence community in town, but also continue to receive clinical and recovery classes and support. Clients are required to prepare and cook their own meals, clean up after themselves. Clients are taken to the gym for physical fitness and also taken to outside meetings weekly.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes understands the transition process to sober living or to outpatient treatment, can be an anxious and an unknown process. Our staff has personal experience with transitioning to sober living, outpatient treatment and extended care, and has assisted hundreds of individuals in transitioning and completing sober living and outpatient treatment since 2009. Our professional and experienced staff is available to assist you in transitioning into sober living or outpatient treatment and extended care. We are available seven days a week to assist and answer question about the process.


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