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Aftercare Group


Nova Recovery Center’s aftercare program provides ongoing support through group therapy and is specifically designed for alumni who have graduated from our inpatient residential treatment. Facilitated by a licensed counselor, the group is designed as a clinical and recovery check-in. Alumni use the group as an opportunity to receive clinical and recovery advise from clinicians and peers regarding their current situations. Once acclimated in a new sober lifestyle, alumni often face events they did not experience in a 90-day treatment program. To continue the path of long-term recovery, our aftercare program serves as a vehicle for continued care after a successful completion of inpatient residential treatment.

Aftercare Schedule


Nova Recovery’s services are available in both the Austin and Houston, Texas locations. The group is facilitated once a week, on Tuesday nights. If Alumni have questions or need additional support, our licensed clinicians can schedule a convenient time for a private individual session.

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