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It’s not always easy to maintain your sobriety after completing addiction treatment, but sober living recovery homes can provide a helping hand. These facilities help residents learn how to handle the challenges of recovery in a real-world situation.

Benefits of Sober Living Recovery Homes

Sober living recovery homes provide residents with a safe and welcoming environment, protected from the availability of drugs and alcohol. These facilities offer many other benefits:

Bridging the gap between treatment and everyday life: After leaving inpatient treatment, the road to recovery can be a bit bumpy, and many people experience a slip-up or two while they’re transitioning back to daily life. Sober living homes make the transition easier, giving residents a safe space to navigate the challenges of post-treatment life.

A positive and supportive social network Without a strong network of supportive family and friends, your recovery journey can feel quite lonely and isolating. Sober living recovery homes can provide a positive social environment as well as convenient access to 12-step meetings and other support groups. At sober living recovery homes, fellow residents and staffers are always nearby and able to offer support when you need it—a critical advantage during the challenging early days of recovery.

A structured environment with firm rules Sober living recovery homes have many policies for residents, which helps facilitate a stable environment for the people who stay there. You’ll never find drugs or alcohol in one of these facilities; in addition, there’s typically a curfew for residents, and everyone is expected to help with everyday chores.

Improving the Odds

People who have completed addiction treatment face discouraging odds regarding relapse. Typical relapse rates range between 40 and 60 percent.1However, sober living recovery homes can help residents lower their risk of relapse, and numerous studies confirm their effectiveness. People who spent time in sober living recovery homes improved their professional and personal outcomes. They were more likely to stay continuously employed, maintain sobriety without interruptions, and avoid legal trouble.2

If you or a loved one could benefit from a helping hand on your recovery journey, you should consider a sober living recovery home. The structure they offer is valuable during the early stages of recovery, and the social support makes it easier to navigate your new daily life.




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