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There’s a reason why Colorado Springs is referred to as “a city on the move.” It’s easy for residents to stay fit with nature trails for running and biking in Palmer Park, volleyball and basketball courts in Bear Creek Park and hiking and yoga events at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. The “Springs “(what locals call Colorado Springs) is home to the U.S Olympic Training Center, were Americas top athletes train to compete against other countries. Many residents enjoy spending their time participating in popular fitness events around the area, like Pike Peak Marathon, American Discover Trail Marathon, and XTERRA Marathon of Trail Races.  So you might be asking yourself what Colorado Springs has to offer addicts in recovery? When people finally decided to get and stay sober, they realize they have taken an extreme damaging physical toll on their bodies. In order for people to be prepared for what lies ahead in their journey of recovery, it is necessary for them to be in good physical and mental shape. The habit of regular exercise is something that they will want to develop right at the beginning of their sobriety. Repairing their damaged bodies can be a long process, which is why most rehab centers offer some sort of physical exercise as part of their program. Eudaimonia Sober House Residents Sober Living in Colorado Springs decided to challenge themselves by climbing Mt. Musoco which is 8,020 ft. in elevation. Their journey up the mountain started at dawn, gathering needed equipment and supplies to make it to the peak. As they increased in elevation it was harder and harder for them to breath, but they encouraged each other to keep moving on.


this is the craziest view I’ve ever seen!!! – Slater

After scaling 3/4 s of the mountain they arrived at a serious challenge, the trail had faded away and they were forced to climb rocks to get to the top. When they finally arrived it was awesome.

“I lived here for 15 years yet never actually took advantage of some of the awesome things to do because back then I was too busy doing drugs and what not.” – Mike


The team rested on the top of the mountain, sitting in awe. These men were on the top of the world, or so it felt. Without drugs or alcohol in their bodies, they accomplish something many people don’t. Their team work and encouragement from one another helped each man accomplish the task. They had found the fellowship. Addicts and Alcoholics all share a common peril, their addictions have brought them many places but today in recovery, these men decided to do something else with their time. Showing that addicts can recover and that there is fun in sobriety.





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