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Staying Sober on ThanksgivingThanksgiving and the holidays, in general, can be a particularly difficult time for some people in recovery. Regardless, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to create some new traditions as you celebrate a new life in recovery.

In this blog, we will share some personal tips for staying sober on Thanksgiving and provide more information on our transitional living homes and how they can help you or a loved one stay sober this holiday season. But first, here’s a personal reflection from Eudaimonia’s CEO, Mat Gorman.

“During my using career, I was never thankful for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Having to spend the day with the family when all I wanted to do was get high. Of course, the food tasted better when I was high, but dealing with the emotional stress and tension didn’t make it worth it.

I used on all the holidays, it was just another day to me, but Thanksgiving was the worst. No gifts, which means I didn’t have anything to pawn later at the shop. Slowly but surely I began to check out mentally during holiday gatherings with the family. Physically I was there, but I wanted nothing to do with my family.

Towards the end of my addiction, I just stopped showing up. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. It wasn’t until after I completed a drug and alcohol rehab program and moved into a sober living home in Austin, Texas, that enjoying family time and holiday gatherings became something I looked forward to.

After I got sober, life took on a whole new meaning, which means holidays took on a new meaning too. I wanted to spend the time with my family and be there mentally for them. Experiencing these events sober was emotional. I didn’t do it alone though; my family knew about my situation. They knew that I was recovering from drug addiction. As I started to spend the holidays with the family, things started to come together. Recovery taught me how to appreciate myself and those around me, and it taught me how to give back and give thanks.

If you’re staying home this holiday season or planning on traveling, here or some tips that helped me stay sober on Thanksgiving.”

Tips for Staying Sober on Thanksgiving

1. Find A Meeting or Event

Whether you’re staying home or traveling for the holidays, going to a recovery meeting or event can help you stay sober. If you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, plan ahead and look online for a nearby meeting and then hold yourself accountable to going to it. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you get to take a break from recovery. If you’re staying home, search for sober events happening nearby that day. Many clubhouses and recovery centers may have holidays events in your area. Many sober living homes in Austin, Texas will also have gatherings and meetings to attend during this time of year as well.

Find a Meeting Here

Northland’s 10th Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration – Austin, TX

2. Create a New Thanksgiving Day Tradition

If you find yourself staying home this holiday season, make the best of it. If you have leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner, use some containers around the house to package up the leftovers and hand them out to people who need it. You can also sort through your closet and find some old jackets or sweaters you haven’t worn in years and hand those out too. This is the season of giving back, so if anything, be grateful for the new life that you have and pass that along to others.

3. Host a Friendsgiving Feast

If you don’t have any family nearby or are unable to go visit them this year, host a Friendsgiving feast with your sober friends in recovery. Friendsgiving is a popular tradition among friends and it’s a great way to give thanks and celebrate a new life of sobriety with like-minded individuals. To organize it, start a private Facebook group and coordinate with friends to determine who is bringing what foods, utensils, and beverages. That way everyone shares the responsibility of preparing for the event and no one gets overwhelmed. Guests could also bring games and movies to enjoy after the meal. One of the secrets to staying sober long-term is to enjoy your sobriety and a great Friendsgiving full of fun, laughter, and great food is the perfect way to enjoy the holidays.

4. Give Back

This is the season of giving back, so why not get together with some like-minded friends and go out and feed the homeless or take a meeting to a recovery center in Texas where the clients don’t get to leave for the holidays. Operation Turkey Day is another great way to volunteer with a group of friends and spend Thanksgiving morning preparing and delivering warm meals, care packages, and clothing to those who are less fortunate.

Staying sober for the holidays is an admirable goal and although it may be difficult, it can absolutely be achieved with some support and assistance from your sober loved ones and friends.


Sober Living Homes in Texas and Colorado: A Place to Grow

If you need some additional support staying sober this holiday season, a sober living home may be a great option for you. Sober living homes provide a structured and accountable environment for individuals to thrive in their sobriety. Our certified sober living homes have strict substance abuse policies, on-site management and offer additional programs to maximize long-term sobriety success. Unlike the halfway house model, our transitional living homes are designed around continued recovery, improving life skills and can be coupled with outpatient treatment services.

Our sober living homes in Texas and Colorado are designed for graduates of an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program. The structure provided by our transitional living homes is designed to help individuals transition from a life of addiction to a new life of sobriety. Each resident at our sober living homes is assigned a sober coach and a house manager. This two-person team will ensure each resident’s experience is enjoyable and safe, and that they stay accountable to their sobriety.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers sober living homes in Austin, Texas, Houston, Texas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. These 12-step based transitional living homes offer the structure and accountability needed to thrive in recovery.

Transitional Living Homes in Austin, Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes operates several sober living homes in Austin Texas. Each home is located in a safe, well-populated, and desirable area of the city, close to shopping, employment opportunities, and local colleges and universities. Our sober living apartment community in Austin is yet another transitional housing option for men and LGBTQ individuals who are learning how to live a life of sobriety. These apartment homes provide a variety of rooming options, including pet-friendly, dorm-style, and single private room options.

Transitional Living Homes in Houston, Texas

Eudaimonia sober living homes in Houston, Texas provide structured living for men and women in a fast-paced and exciting city environment. Our transitional living homes for men and women are located within walking distance of the local outpatient recovery office and several bus stops. Nearby grocery stores, retail locations, and employment opportunities also make it easier to build a new life in recovery and sustain a healthy lifestyle of sobriety.

Transitional Living Homes in Colorado Springs, CO

Our sober living homes in Colorado Springs provide a beautiful natural environment in which to thrive in recovery. Eudaimonia transitional houses for men and women offer comfortable, safe, and supportive housing with countless outdoor activities, popular attractions, and gorgeous views to help clients build a fulfilling and enjoyable life in recovery.

Additional Recovery Support Services

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes provides a variety of recovery support services for clients enrolled in one of our sober living programs.

  • Addiction Monitoring Program, Three Phase Program, and Support Employment Volunteer (SEV) Program – Eudaimonia sober living clients are automatically enrolled in these three support programs when they become a resident at one of our sober living homes. These programs are designed to provide accountability, structure, and support at a time when it’s needed most. With these programs, we’ll require consistent sobriety check-ins, client participation in monitored phased programming, and provide assistance applying for jobs and creating an educational plan.
  • Drug and alcohol testing – Every Eudaimonia client is required to participate in thorough drug and alcohol screenings twice a week. This helps clients stay accountable to their sobriety goals and allows us to maintain a safe, substance-free environment for all residents.
  • Outpatient treatment – Our outpatient treatment program is available in Houston and Austin, Texas. Outpatient programming provides additional support and assistance to those without very much experience living sober or who have recently relapsed. IOP is especially relevant for individuals still struggling with substance abuse.

Our sober living and recovery support services will vary by state and city location, so if you’re interested in learning more about our services in Austin, Houston, or Colorado Springs, please contact us today.

Contact Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more about our sober living homes for men, women, and LGBTQ individuals. We offer structured, sober homes in a number of different locations across the country and can help you find the right fit for your needs.

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