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For a fresh start in recovery, Houston Texas offers a community of recovery in an active city on the rise. Houston Texas is known for many things: the Houston Astros, the Houston Rockets and the Texans who steal the spotlight every Sunday. However, all sports aside, Houston ranked 19th in Chrons1 “World’s Most Future-Ready Cities,” and continues to attract people year over year.

Why Houston?

A vibrant city with an infrastructure ready to support jobs and growth, Houston boasts many opportunities. The Houston area leads the nation in job recovery, and beat out all other major cities in the United States. Houston added two jobs for every one job and their growth story 2 made headlines around the nation.

Sober Homes in Houston

Sober homes in Houston are reserved for alcoholics and drugs addicts with nowhere else to turn. These sober homes cater to people addicted to opiates or other addictive substances and are transitioning from a addiction recovery center. With heroin and opioid abuse on the rise, sober homes in Houston have grown. The sober homes range from single houses in residential neighborhoods to large apartment complexes.

Sober Home Guidelines

Residents in sober homes Houston, follow certain rules:

  • Curfew
  • Random drug tests
  • Chores
  • Attendance at 12 step groups

These homes are usually run by a recovered drug addict, who act as house managers and watch over the people who live there. Sober homes in Houston are on the rise, and these homes come with an already built-in support system. Contact a sober home in Houston for more information.




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