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6 Great Reasons to Choose Austin, TX for Your Sober Living ExperienceResearch published by the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine emphasizes the importance of a stable alcohol and drug-free living environment for all individuals in recovery.1 Without a safe and supportive home, a person recovering from addiction is much more likely to relapse and slip back into old habits of drug and alcohol abuse.

If you or a loved one is considering relocating to a new city or state to continue their recovery journey, Austin, Texas is a fantastic option for people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Before you make your decision, here are seven great reasons to choose Austin for your sober living experience.

1. Austin is home to a very active community of people in recovery.

Relocating to Austin to enroll in a transitional housing program and continue your sobriety journey may be easier than you think. There are countless 12-step recovery groups and 12-step alternative groups all over Austin, providing you with plenty of options to get plugged in with an active support community.2 The University of Texas at Austin is also home to the Center for Students in Recovery, which provides a safe, supportive place for students in recovery to connect and enjoy academic success and fun activities that don’t involve drug or alcohol use.3 Whether you’re a college student in recovery or you’re pursuing recovery at a later stage in life, Austin has a recovery support community that is perfect for you.

2. The city is growing.

When choosing a location in which to continue your recovery journey, you’ll want to make sure that you’re in an area that is constantly growing and improving, just like you! According to CultureMap Austin, estimates released earlier this year by the U.S. Census Bureau show that Austin ranked ninth among all U.S. metro areas for population growth from July 2015 to July 2016. During that time period, the population of the Austin region increased 2.9 percent.4 Much of this growth is credited to people relocating to Austin from other metro areas. Additionally, the City of Austin is constantly making improvements to the infrastructure of the area to make it a better and more enjoyable place for residents to live.5

3. You’ll never be bored in Austin.

Boredom can be a fierce contributor to relapse in recovery, further increasing the importance of having fun while enrolled in a sober living program. Fortunately, there is no lack of fun and sober activities in Austin, Texas. While every major city in America is sure to be home to a long list of bars, clubs, and other venues that promote alcohol and/or drug use, not all major cities also provide a wealth of activities for those who choose not to use drugs or alcohol. Austin is a great place to participate in outdoor recreational activities such as walking, biking, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and more. There are plenty of outdoor parks located in the city of Austin and in the areas all around it.

If outdoor activities aren’t your thing, Austin also has a variety of great museums such as the Mexic-Arte Museum, the Laguna Gloria Museum, and the Blanton Museum of Art. Many of these museums have free admission on certain days too, so you can enjoy an afternoon at the museum without having to worry about hefty admission fees.

Also known as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin always has plenty of great live music events and shows to enjoy and there’s definitely no lack of eating options in this city. Austin offers an extremely eclectic selection of restaurants and eateries, many of which are open late.6

4. The weather is great year-round.

Although the summers in Austin can get pretty toasty, they are perfect for swimming or boating at the lake. The winters are very mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. With more than 300 sunny days every year, there is plenty of sunshine and opportunities to fill your days with fun activities.7 If you decide to enroll in a transitional living program in Austin, Texas, the pleasant weather may even make you a little hesitant to return home upon completing your program!

5. Eudaimonia offers safe, clean city living in Austin.

If you’ve never experienced city living, you may have some reservations about relocating to Austin to live in a sober living home. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we can assure you that all of our sober living homes and apartments are located in well-populated, safe, and desirable areas of the city. We want you to enjoy living in your new home and we understand that feeling safe and comfortable is a huge part of that. If you choose to live in a Eudaimonia transitional living home, you can be certain that you’ll enjoy all the perks of safe, clean, and fun city living.

6. The LGBTQ scene in Austin is vibrant and widespread.

If you are an LGBTQ individual or just prefer an area where that type of lifestyle is well-accepted and celebrated, Austin is the place for you. Unlike other cities where LGBTQ-oriented activities and individuals are contained in one or two areas of the city, the Austin LGBTQ scene is widespread all over the city, for a vibrant and diverse population of residents.8 In addition, Eudaimonia offers an LGBTQ sober living home in Austin for gay/bi men that provides a unique transitional housing experience and a safe, supportive environment where men can feel comfortable discussing their sexual orientation and the unique issues they face as LGBTQ individuals in recovery.

7. Austin Ranks #3 on WalletHub’s “2018 Best Big Cities to Live In” Survey

If you are recovering from addiction, you most likely want a safe place to live with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth as you rebuild your life on a solid foundation of sobriety. Austin was ranked one of the top big cities to live in this year, based on several different factors.9 They include:

  • Housing affordability
  • Income growth
  • Quality of public hospital system
  • Quality of public school system
  • Job opportunities
  • Air quality
  • Access to public transportation
  • Parkland (as percentage of city area)
  • Violent crime rate

If you decide to relocate to Austin to enroll in a sober living program, you won’t be sorry. Here at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we believe this city provides an excellent living environment for men, women, and LGBTQ individuals in recovery. We offer sober living homes and apartments for individuals in all stages of recovery and robust programs that provide all the essential tools and skills you need to remain sober for life.

To learn more about our transitional living programs in Austin, Texas or to enroll yourself or a loved one, please call (512) 363-5914 to speak with a member of our admissions team today.



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