City for Recovery: Sober Living in Austin

Sober Living in Austin – Many drug addicts who enter treatment find it to be a life changing event. With a new found awareness of the disease of addiction, solid spiritual principles to live by and knowledge and skills to use, addicts in recovery after rehab are often encouraged to move into a sober living house. Successful completion of a drug and alcohol treatment center is just the first step towards a life filled with sobriety. Transitioning into a continuum of care program is the second step and offers a better chance at sobriety. Many recovering addicts face the decision of moving back into their old neighborhood, or moving to a new city. Understanding that you’re beginning a whole new life after rehab, a fresh start in a new city may be the best choice for you. Many recovering addicts are warned about hanging around old people, places and things that are directly connected to your addiction.  If you think you can just return home directly after drug rehab, you may be setting yourself up for a relapse. Although relapse can be caused by many things, temptation is one of the most dangerous things in early recovery. Hanging around old friends that still abuse drugs and alcohol may tempt you. Returning to unhealthy relationships with friends and family may tempt you to use. Even old hang outs like bars may tempt you to slip back into your old ways. By moving to a new city, you can avoid many of these past temptations. Even better, a new city can give you an opportunity for a fresh start after drug rehab. Many addicts find Sober Living in Austin to be an answer after their stay at rehab. The already established recovery community in Austin is very strong and welcoming. With over 100 twelve step meetings a day, addicts in recovery always have a meeting to go to.  The strong support network in Austin is significant for many addicts in recovery. If you’re considering a move to sober living in Austin, the ever growing city just might be a place you want to call home.

Why Sober Living in Austin?

Austin, Texas is constantly ranked in magazines for best-cities lists. We have made the top 10 best cities for vegetarians and BBQ and our Burgers are off the chain. Even local restaurants have even been featured in cult classic films like Dazed and Confused.  Austin has even ranked No.1 on Forbes list of best big cities for jobs. The Fiscal Times  ranked Austin No. 2 on its list of The 10 Top Cities People Are Moving to in 2012. A study from U-Haul even backs that stat up. Realtor.com has even said that Austin is the second-best investment market in the United States. If that isn’t enough reason to move to Austin, Census numbers say were the third-fasted growing city in America. Need we say anymore? Austin is one of the best U.S. cities to find work, according to Adecco Staffing U.S. Austin is the ninth-best city in the country for business and careers. And for all the recovering addicts who have an appetite, according to GrubHub Inc, Austin, Texas ranked in the top ten most vegetarian-friendly cities. Don’t like veggies? The city ranked No.13 on Travel magazine in 2012 America’s Best Burger Cities, and U.S News says our  barbeque is 5th best in the country.

It’s simple. When completing a drug and alcohol rehab center you will be encouraged to move into a sober living house. Make sure the city you choose is growing just like your recovery will be. That’s why Sober Living in Austin, Texas should be your choice. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, and would like help please contact us today. We provide gender specific sober living in the Austin Area.

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