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Women’s Sober Living In Colorado Springs, CO

A Safe Sober Living Home for Women in Colorado Springs

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Eudaimonia offers one sober living home for women in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Located in a nice, safe area of town, our residential home for women provides a comfortable, private setting for women in recovery to practice living sober on their own. House managers, strict no-substance policies, and regular drug and alcohol screenings provide a safe environment for women in recovery to thrive.


Our women’s sober living home in Colorado Springs is fully furnished with stylish, comfortable furniture, including a couch, flat-screen TV, dining room table and matching chairs. The home also has a full kitchen with large appliances and a coffee maker, so residents can comfortably cook, store ingredients, and gather to eat there together.

Each shared bedroom also has its own flat-screen TV as well as single platform beds, a dresser, and closet. Beds are fitted with clean blankets, sheets and pillows so residents don’t need to worry about bringing their own. Cable and Wi-Fi are provided throughout the entire house.

Our women’s house also has a washer and dryer and we provide laundry detergent, bathroom products, cleaning supplies, and all cooking/eating utensils for the kitchen.

Support Services

  • Structured Living – Our sober living home for women provides a structured community atmosphere in which all residents are required to live by the standards and rules set forth by Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. We have strict policies prohibiting all drugs and alcohol to maintain safety and accountability within the community.
  • Regular Drug and Alcohol Screening – All residents are also required to participate in regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure the environment remains safe and substance-free. Accountability is important, especially during early recovery, so our women’s house manager will make sure this is a regular occurrence.
  • House Managers – The accountability structure of our women’s sober living home is maintained by a house manager who provides on-site support and management for residents. This individual lives on-site and enforces rules, provides encouragement, and may also act as a mediator if a conflict arises between residents.
  • Local Support Groups – If residents would like to attend any local support groups, several Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous groups host regular meetings at convenient locations. Attending these sessions is a great way for residents to continue with ongoing recovery support to achieve long-term sobriety.

Cost : $750 / month


Our women’s sober living home is located in a safe, nice area of Northeast Colorado Springs. The home is close to many local shops, grocery stores, and restaurants, and also offers a fast commute into downtown Colorado Springs via the local bus route. In addition, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is just over four miles away, offering students in recovery a quick commute to class and back home.

4325 Wordsworth Circle N Colorado Springs, CO 80916 – Women’s House

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