Fellowship of Sober living Houston: Eudaimonia Takes 1st Place

Texas has experienced a barbecue renaissance of momentous proportions, with some of the most well-known BBQ restaurants nationwide being located right in the heart of Houston. Every year, the Lyerly Recovery Club has the Alacthon and Barbecue Competition, inviting recovering addicts and alcoholics across the city to compete in a cook off.

Eudaimonia BBQ Champions

This year, eight teams represented various fellowship of sober living Houston and AA Clubs. This was the first year Team Eudaimonia entered the competition. The team was full of various residents from the Eudaimonia sober houses in the Houston area and they successfully took home the following medals:

  • 1st place for Brisket
  • 3rd place for Barbecue Chicken

What was the special ingredient in the food that to Eudaimonia Recovery Homes apart from others? The answer is simple. Teamwork and fellowship. Eudaimonia is a community of recovering addicts and alcoholics supporting each other through every stage of the recovery process. Eudaimonia residents that weren’t on the team joined the community atmosphere at the “Team Eudaimonia” tent and tables. They also listened to music, ate good food and met new people to expand their recovery circle. The sober living in Houston Eudaimonia team is looking forward to its next event, the and friends/family fun day at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio Texas.

Fellowship of Sober Living Houston

The term “fellowship” is mentioned in 12 step meetings, and within the sober living community. If you are new to recovery, you might not fully understand the importance this word has in the recovery lifestyle. Exposure to like-minded individuals is an important role in staying sober. To see people who have experienced the same struggles you have found yourself in, and have come out clean and sober on the other side, is a vital step in your own recovery journey. Fellowship of sober living Houston caters to a like-minded group of friends that will be there for you during your recovery journey. Not sure if you are ready for a sober lifestyle, or maybe still struggling with an addiction? There are many treatment facilities out there, like The Nova Recovery Center that can help you begin your path to sobriety today.

More Photos From The Event:

Fellowship of Sober living Houston

Fellowship of Sober living Houston

Fellowship of Sober living Houston

Fellowship of Sober living Houston

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