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How To Stay Sober

Relapse does not have to be apart of your sober living journey. Life challenges are presented when leaving an alcohol rehab. First, regaining your freedom can become overwhelming. Second, it is noteworthy for a newly sober person to admit they need structure and support. The most common mistake made is returning home to quickly. While the thought of 30 days away was enough time for separation, as a result, this assumption can set yourself up for failure. Finally, it is important to accept that things will be different. Therefore, here are several tips you can read to help reduce the chances of relapse, all of which require a level of commitment from you.

Sober Living

While sober living homes are classified as halfway houses, transitional living, or recovery homes. The basic principle is the same. After rehab it is recommended and highly beneficial to move into a sober home. Triggering a relapse, can be a result of a fast return to old stressful environments. While adjusting to a life a sobriety, a sober living home can serve as a transition. Similar to a treatment setting, sober living homes serve as a safe place to practice a new life of sobriety.

Benefits of Sober Living

The structure while living in a sober living environment, can increase sober success rates. Most of all sober living homes are completely furnished. Due to the structure and accountability of the home, the program is overseen by a house manager or a resident tech, also a program coordinator. Sober living homes in Austin Texas provide support and structure in an environment with lower stress than the real world.

Intensive Outpatient Program

First of all an intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is a type of treatment programming specifically geared for those who are new to recovery. As a result, an IOP will allow client to receive the same intensive drug treatment services while living in a sober living home. Intensive outpatient programs feature both one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy sessions. An IOP probably has a twelve step based component. Most of all, participants in these programs are highly encourage to attend 12 step meetings or other recovery support groups. Furthermore, clients leaving drug and alcohol treatment are recommended to attended an IOP upon discharge. As a results, a continuum of care strengthens the addicts recovery resources and can raise their chances at long term sobriety.


First routine is defined as a prescribed, detailed, course of action to be followed regularly. Second most people a routine is a set of tasks done in order that they perform on a regular basis. Finally those of you who practice the 12 steps, were asked to meditate before starting our day, and before bed were asking to review our day thoroughly. This is a great example of a routine.

For most people a routine is a set of tasks that they perform on a regular basis. A daily routine is a plan that the individual will try to follow each day. There may be occasions where they have to deviate from their daily routine, but it will provide a general structure for their day. A routine gives the individual a structure and accountability.

What’s Next

In conclusion, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes provides sober living in Austin Texas. Our Sober Living Apartment Community is one of the newest sober living developments in Austin. We offer sober living for males and females. Our structured sober living homes offer just enough support to help you on your journey to recovery. In addition, we also over IOP services in our Austin, Tx and Houston, Texas location. Contact Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more.

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