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college dormMoving away to college is a time for celebration, a new stage of one’s life, a time for growth, discovery and learning. Students travel from all around the world to attend the college of their choice, where over the next few years they will live, sleep, and make new friendships that last lifetimes. New students may bring photos of their friends and family, notebooks and their favorite jacket, their open minds and even possibility their addiction. In a culture where drinking alcohol and drug use is glorified during the college years, entering such an environment can lead to addiction like behaviors and has the possibility of devastating effects for someone in recovery. A study in 2005 by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that scores of college presidents, deans, trustees and alumni view alcohol use on campus as a harmless rite of passage. Recently with the heroin epidemic and opioid addiction abuse on the rise, colleges and students are taking extra measures to ensure their students are safe. Oregon State University will open their first sober living dorms for those in recovery. Currently a community housing co-op, the University Recovery Living Community will open next fall. At first it will hold up to 9 students with plans and room to grow to 50 residents. Alcoholism and drug use have been around for a while, so why now is everyone stepping up?  The drug epidemic covers the news media outlets and it seems like everyone today knows someone who has been effected by the disease of addiction. Here in Austin, Texas, The University of Texas has already made great strides for those in recovery. Unofficially dubbed one of the recovery capitals of the nation, Austin, Texas has seen its fair share of drug addicts and alcoholics. The Center for Students in Recovery is the University of Texas brainchild for those who suffer with alcoholism or drug addiction. This college recovery program is ran by students themselves and serves as a safe place on campus for students in recovery. There they socialize, support each other, and talk about recovery. Finding a common ground and understanding is important for these students, having a place to go when the stress is high due to exams can save their recovery. Many students recovering from drug addiction and alcohol addiction can find it challenging when it comes to sober living environments in college. Currently those in recovery are mixed in the residence hall and have the possibility of having roommates who abuse drugs and alcohol, putting them in a dangerous situation. This can be triggering for some students.  Sober Living in Austin, at the University of Texas doesn’t exist yet. Students risk unhealthy environments if they wish to live inside the dooms, but off campus within biking distance, sober living homes and apartment complexes offer safe places for students. A sober living in Austin, Texas apartment complex will offer students the college feel, without the drugs and alcohol. Many people believe that this Sober Living Apartment Complex can help the students at University of Texas stay focused on their school work. Offering Recovery Related activities for those in recovery, it can also help introduce students from out of town to a recovery community. With Austin, Texas recently being ranked 5th for Drunkest City by Forbes Magazine, and the large recover community in Austin. These two different types live side by side and coexist in the city of Austin, Texas. Evidence shows that providing addicts and alcoholics with proper needed treatment and tools in their recovery, they can live in the free man’s world. Such treatment includes: Detox, Residential Treatment, Sober Living, IOP, and Recovery Coaching.

If you know a college student who has or is developing an addiction, now is the time to talk to them and help them.

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