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Why Sober Living in Houston Tx

sober living in houston txIf you are looking to leave behind people, places and things for your life of addiction, sober living in Houston Tx is a great opportunity. The city offers a great opportunity for addiction recovery with over 580 recovery groups. These 580 recovery groups offer 2,400 recovery meeting a week, which is a great support network for sober living in Houston Tx. The Huffingpost list sober living in Houston Tx as the number 3 city for sober living.

When considering sober living in Houston Tx, consider the age group of the city. As a young adult in recovery, building health friendships is important. Choosing sober living in Houston Tx can provide the opportunity to form new relationships. This is a youthful city; in fact, the Census Bureau‘s 2012 American Community Survey found Houston had one of the lowest median ages among the 20 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the nation. The median age in Houston is 33.5, nearly four years younger than the national average of 37.4.

Financial recovery, is also an important topic when considering sober living in Houston Tx. In our addiction, we often times have destroyed our personal savings and must rebuild. In addition becoming financial independent while participating in sober living, is a goal any young adult would want to achieve. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Houston’s leading industries include energy and health care, fields that demand a skilled workforce, and Houston has the educated population employers seek.”

John Donne once wrote his Meditation, “No man is an island…every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. A man or woman who is on the journey of treatment and recovery for addiction cannot travel alone.  Eudaimonia Recovery Homes’ sober living in Houston Tx, can provide you the community atmosphere to succeed in sobriety. Fill out our form below or contact us today!!


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