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Texas Sober Living Homes

Maintaining sobriety after addiction treatment can be challenging, and many people benefit from a helping hand to stay on the right track. For many individuals, Texas sober living homes can help them establish a healthy, productive lifestyle and navigate the various challenges of recovery.

Benefits of Texas Sober Living Homes

Texas sober living homes offer residents a friendly environment, free of drugs and alcohol; however, that’s just one of the benefits. Other advantages of sober living houses include:

A smoother transition to life after addiction treatment: Some of the most challenging aspects of recovery are the ones you encounter after you leave rehab, and it’s not uncommon to experience a slip-up while you’re adjusting to your new lifestyle. Texas sober living homes can serve as a valuable stop on the road to recovery, bridging the gap between life at the treatment center and the challenges of regular life.

A sober social network: Many recovering individuals feel alone when they leave rehab, especially if they don’t have a supportive network of family and friends. Sober living houses tend to have a healthy social environment, and they offer residents easy access to support group meetings and other important resources. Other residents and staff members are nearby and ready to offer support—this strong social network can help you keep your recovery efforts strong during the crucial early months of sobriety.

Structure and rules: There are many rules in a sober living home, and these rules are meant to create a safe and stable environment for the residents. Alcohol and drugs are forbidden on the premises, there’s usually a curfew, and residents are expected to pitch in with chores.

Setting Yourself up for Success

Relapse rates after addiction treatment are high, averaging 40 to 60 percent.1 Spending time at a sober living home can help reduce your relapse risk, and many studies have confirmed this benefit. People who resided in a sober living home experienced more positive outcomes in several areas. For example, they were more likely to remain employed, maintain their sobriety and avoid trouble with the law.2

If you or someone you love is ready to take the next step on your recovery journey, the support and structure of Texas sober living homes may increase your chances of success. The supportive environment of these homes can help a recovering individual ease back into daily life on their own terms.

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