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Under the Influence of SobrietySince I was 13 years old, getting high and drunk was the only way I knew how to have a good time. Life was glum without some sort of drugs in my body and getting sober seemed impossible. Before I entered recovery I pictured a grey dull life in sobriety filled with 12 step meetings, boring conversations, coffee and playing it safe. Although I would often see people enjoying activities such as bowling, or going to the movies or amusement parks, to me nothing seemed worthwhile unless I was under the influence.At 20 years old, completely broken down and tired from the life I had been living for so long I entered recovery. After completing 90 days of inpatient drug treatment I moved into a sober house with 17 other guys. I noticed these men were having fun while maintaining their recovery so I started to ask them what they did. Through their responses and engorgement, I began to understand that while it would take a lot of work, I could learn to enjoy life without drugs and have fun while doing so. It was only a short time after that I began to noticed myself laughing in simple conversations, and having a good time throughout my day. I was genuinely happy despite having no drugs or alcohol in my body. I didn’t have many material possessions when I first got sober, but my life had never been better. Through the process of the 12 steps I was able to remain happy and grateful with the little possessions I had.

Many people begin to use drugs or alcohol because they feel their life is empty, a void of joy flows throughout their body. As a result, learning to have fun while staying sober is one of the most common problems addicts face in recovery but is also one of the most important things. It’s possible to have a life in recovery without the use of drugs and alcohol.

On May 21st 2016 Eudaimonia Recovery Homes sponsored a resident’s fun day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Tickets were cheap, and the residents invited their friends and family out to enjoy the roller coasters. Throughout the day I bumped into residents. Our conversations were filled with which roller coaster was the fastest and which lines were the shortest. It seemed as if everyone was experiencing a day of bliss. We shared a common problem which was an addiction to drugs or alcohol but that day at six flags we lived like free men. I never would have thought that sobriety would be more fun than using drugs. My experience has shown me just that. Here are some simple steps for making a life in recovery more rewarding.

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, dive into recovery headfirst.
  2. Continued to work the 12 steps, even if your life is great.
  3. Continue to practice spiritual principles in all your affairs, and stay honest with yourself.
  4. Make new friends in recovery, those who share a common peril
  5. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, especially those with strong programs.
  6. Don’t thank everything so seriously, learn to laugh.
  7. Try new hobbies
  8. Don’t forget to meditate and pray
  9. Remember to hit all three sides of the triangle (Mind, Body and Spirit)
  10. Help Others

It may seem like the end of the world to remain sober, 23 million people in recovery and myself know that life just begins when you decided to put down the drugs. Recovery has taught me to remain open minded to new things, and I’ve picked up some new hobbies from that. There’s a good chance you’ll discover you can have more fun sober than you ever did using drugs or alcohol.

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