Top 10 places to have fun in sober living in Colorado Springs CO

Garden of the Gods

sober living in colorado springs colorado
It’s easy to see how this natural landmark earned such an ethereal title: These magnificent red rock formations look as though deities themselves could’ve carved them. However, the sandstone pillars…..read more

Pike Peak

Rising 8,000 feet above Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak – aka “America’s Mountain” – has been beckoning to visitors since the 19th century. Gold brought the pioneers here…read more

Manitou Springs

Let’s get one thing straight: Manitou Springs is not a part of Colorado Springs, and residents here won’t hesitate to remind you of that. Unlike its much larger neighbor, this small town in the Rocky Mountain foothills…read more

United States Olympic Training Center

This facility in Colorado Springs is the flagship training center of the U.S. Olympic team and the active headquarters of the U.S. Olympic Committee. The 35-acre complex houses two Olympic-size…read more

North Cheyenne Cañon Park

If you’re visiting Colorado Springs during the summer, consider spending a day at North Cheyenne Cañon Park, located about 7 miles southwest of town. This park comprises more than 1,600 acres…read more

United States Air Force Academy

If you feel a need for speed, then plan a visit to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Not only is the academy a must for any lover of the movie “Top Gun” who’d like…read more

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Animal lovers say that the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a must if you’re visiting Colorado Springs with kids. Located south of the city at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, this facility…read more

Old Colorado City

Sitting just west of the downtown area is Old Colorado City, the original capital of the Colorado Territory. Founded back in 1859, this area was once a hotbed of activity, overflowing….read more

Red Rock Canyon

Arizona and Utah aren’t the only states that boast rosy rocks – Colorado has them, too. And you don’t have to stray too far from Colorado Springs to get a good look at them from a hiking or biking trail…..read more

Mueller State Park

When you don’t feel like driving nearly three hours to Rocky Mountain National Park, Mueller State Park offers a convenient alternative. Located about 30 miles west of Colorado Springs….read more

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