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Sober living in Colorado Springs is a great fit for all ages. Men and women in recovery here will enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, gorgeous scenery of Pikes Peak and surrounding mountain ranges, and endless recreational activities. Life in recovery is an adventurous experience in Colorado Springs.

Eudaimonia is proud to offer one sober living home for women and two sober living homes for men in this location. All of our sober homes provide structured community living with strict substance-free policies. Each home also has a house manager that ensures accountability among residents with regular drug and alcohol testing.

All of our fully furnished residential homes are well-maintained and provide great amenities for our residents. Our sober living homes in Colorado Springs are each designed to be a comfortable, safe, and supportive living space where men and women in recovery can practice living sober on their own.

If you are looking for a fresh start, Colorado Springs, CO is the perfect outdoor oasis for you to continue on your recovery journey. Learn more about our men’s and women’s sober living locations below.

Men’s Sober Living in Colorado Springs, CO

With the stunning backdrop of Pikes Peak and downtown Colorado Springs just a short bus ride away, our two sober living homes provide a beautiful and active outdoor environment for men in recovery. These sober living homes in Colorado Springs offer structured living and accountability with regular drug and alcohol testing. Both residential homes offer wonderful amenities in a comfortable, clean setting and are conveniently located near a bus route, a number of local retail employment opportunities, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

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Men’s Sober Living in Colorado Springs, CO

124 North Corona Street, Colorado Springs, CO

About the Area: Colorado Springs, CO

Embracing a new lifestyle of sobriety comes with a whole host of changes. From creating a new healthy daily routine for yourself to developing a brand new social circle, living sober is a whole new experience.

Some people find that relocating to a new city or state gives them a fresh start and a new environment in which they can better adjust to these changes. If you’re looking for a new place to begin your sober life, Colorado Springs is a great option.

Colorado Springs sits right at the base of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. It is one of Colorado’s most populated cities. A host of attractions and local outdoor activities make Colorado Springs a hotspot for tourism, which is one of the lead employing industries in the city.

Population and Income

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated 2019 population of Colorado Springs was 659,000. The median household income is $68,811 (in 2018 dollars). Although you may initially live in a sober living home, when you’re ready to move out and live sober independently, Colorado Springs will be a great place to live, work, and play.

Employment Opportunities

While you’re enrolled in a Eudaimonia sober living program, you’ll need to be volunteering and working (or actively looking for a job). Although our transitional housing program provides employment assistance, having a variety of options always makes the process easier.

Business Insider ranked the state of Colorado’s economy at #5 out of 50, taking unemployment rate, job growth, per-capita GDP, GDP growth, average weekly wages, and wage growth into consideration. Colorado’s unemployment rate was 3.1% in December of 2017 and the state also saw a 2% increase in nonfarm payroll jobs between December 2016 and December 2017. Colorado Springs is a huge tourist area, attracting almost 5 million visitors every year. As such, the local tourism economy provides a wealth of jobs for residents in the area. Some of the other top employment industries are retail trade, educational services, and health care.

If you’re looking to start over in a new place, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of opportunities for personal and professional success. Moving to a location that has a healthy and growing economy is a great way to set yourself up for success. A healthy economy means more job opportunities, fair wages, and plenty of opportunities for career and education advancement.

Nearby Colleges and Universities

Colorado Springs is also home to several colleges and universities including Pikes Peak Community College, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Colorado Technical University, among several others. The United States Air Force Academy is also located just north of Colorado Springs. Although you may not choose to continue your education right away while enrolled in sober living, you may eventually decide on a career path or educational program you want to pursue. In that event, you’ll have plenty of options to do so in the Colorado Springs area.

Eudaimonia’s transitional living program also offers educational assistance, if you decide you want to go to school or continue a degree program while enrolled in a sober living program.

Attractions and Things to Do

It’s no secret that Colorado Springs also boasts a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Outdoor activities in the area range from hiking and snowboarding to snow skiing, white water river rafting, camping and much more. The area also offers breathtaking scenic drives, such as the well-known High Drive, Pikes Peak Highway, and the Gold Belt Scenic Byway.

Aside from all the various outdoor activities, the city of Colorado Springs is home to plenty of exciting activities and attractions to enjoy, especially for those in recovery. Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center and boasts dozens of other local attractions and things to do. A few of the popular local attractions include:

  • Garden of the Gods
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Old Colorado City
  • Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
  • Pikes Peak
  • Peterson Air and Space Museum
  • Seven Falls

The city also hosts a variety of events year-round, including:

  • Colorado Classic
  • Arts Month (October)
  • Canon City Balloon Classic
  • Spring Spree

With such a lively community, you’ll never be hard-pressed to find something fun to do with your sober living roommates.

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