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Developing and learning life skils to achieve long-term sobriety

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Having recovery support after primary addiction treatment is a key component in the recovery process. Our sober living program offers a full set of recovery support services to ensure that you have the best opportunity to succeed in recovery. With these services, our goal is long-term, even lifetime, recovery that includes abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and a life of happiness.

Upon enrollment in our transitional housing program, you will also automatically be enrolled in our Recovery Support Program which encompasses the Addiction Monitoring Program (AMP), Three Phase Program, Support Employment Volunteering Program (SEV), and our Alcohol and Core Drug Screening and Toxicology Reporting.

Each of these recovery support services helps us to maintain healthy boundaries for you and provide accountability, all while giving your family an opportunity to be an active part of your recovery as well. We also have strict criteria and policies to help you manage your prescribed medications while enrolled in a Eudaimonia sober living program.

Why Is Recovery Support So Important?

Relapse is most common within the first 90 days after completion of primary treatment. Our Recovery Support Program is designed to help you achieve a firm foundation during this time. The primary goals of our support program are:

  • To develop and learn life skills
  • To continue growing on a personal level
  • To establish a solid foundation in recovery
  • To prevent relapse

To achieve these goals, the following recovery support services are offered to all individuals who enroll in Eudaimonia’s sober living program.

PRSS Program

The PRSS (Peer Recovery Support Specialist) program is facilitated by a third-party provider, MAP, and offers personalized sober support for sober living clients who are new to sobriety. Each client is paired with a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist who supports and guides them through the challenges of early sobriety with weekly meetings. Primary support loved ones also receive support services to ensure peace of mind and well-rounded care for everyone involved in the client’s recovery process.

Three Phase Program

Our Three Phase Program is designed to help you develop and adjust to your freedom of choice and responsibility. As you achieve your program objectives, you’ll receive additional freedoms and rewards, including curfew extensions or overnight passes. As you achieve more rewards, you’ll gradually assimilate into a more independent life in recovery. Your recovery coach will assist you in achieving the required program objectives.

SEV – Support Employment Volunteering

Our Support Employment Volunteering Program (SEV) is held three days each week for two hours a day. This program is focused on chemical dependency education, life skills, and relapse prevention for a well-rounded support curriculum that provides the appropriate amount of assistance during early recovery. This program also offers career support with resume assistance and research aid, as well as educational planning for those who choose to continue their education after completing drug and alcohol rehab.

Alcohol & Core Drug Screening & Toxicology Reporting

Our drug testing program consists of drug tests twice a week. We test for more than 70 substances and obtain immediate results. Alcohol use is determined through ETG and ETS testing. We provide our clients with a drug and alcohol screening program to help them stay accountable to their sobriety goals and provide peace of mind for the family. All residents of our transitional living program are required to participate in our drug and alcohol testing program.

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