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Seroquel – Medication Safety

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we understand medications similar to Seroquel© can assist individuals in the recovery process. To assist individuals, prescribed these medications, we have developed a criteria and policy.


Seroquel in Sober LivingIndividuals, prescribed Seroquel© must purchase the locking cap, with bottle, shown. This safety mechanism is utilize, to ensure these types of medications are secure while living in the sober living environment. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, will have this device available for purchase, upon admit. During the intake processes, you will set the combination for security. The only other individual, with access to the combination lock, would be your AMP monitor.


During the admissions process, we will need to confirm with you, your prescribed dosage. During your intake, and five consecutive days after, we will establish a baseline. This baseline will consist of a high and a low medication reading. This range, will ensure you are adhering to your medication dosage.

If your prescribing doctor changes your prescription, as a resident, you will need to update the prescription change with your AMP monitor. Once this occurs, we can then proceed with the initial baseline process again.


Accountability will be established through safety and accuracy.


Only two individuals will know the code to your prescription bottle. Residents are responsible for the safe keeping of the combination. Unless the bottle is damaged, residents are responsible for the contents.


Abusing a medication, can lead to a relapse. Taking your medication as prescribed is healthy treatment. Abusing prescribed medication, is not different than using illegal drugs. Ultimately, prescribed medications can procedure the same effects, we seek with synethic and illegal drugs. Medication abuse, will be fall under or zero tolerance policy.

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