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Each Eudaimonia sober living home is designed to be a safe, supportive, and structured environment for individuals in recovery. We developed these community standards to ensure a welcoming and accountable environment in which all residents can continue their recovery journey. The following community rules and expectations allow us to maintain a healthy, substance-free environment for all staff and residents at our sober living locations.

  1. Eudaimonia sober living homes are to remain a substance-free environment at all times.
    Alcohol, drugs, or mind-altering substances are not allowed on any Eudaimonia property. Our homes should remain a substance-free environment at all times and residents must participate in regular drug and alcohol screenings.
  2. Residents are expected to maintain a living environment that is safe, clean, and welcoming.
    Residents must respect other resident’s property, privacy, and anonymity at all times. They are also expected to participate in community chores and maintain the cleanliness of all shared and personal living spaces. All weapons are prohibited and fighting, threatening, or physical/verbal assault of any kind is not tolerated. Pets are only permitted in pet-friendly Eudaimonia properties.
  3. Residents must honor the requirements and goals of their treatment program.
    Eudaimonia residents are expected to be at all weekly house meetings, secure a permanent sponsor within the recovery community, and regularly attend the required number of 12-step recovery meetings each week. In addition, they must obtain employment, volunteer, go to school, or be enrolled in IOP. If they are not, they must participate in our Support Employment Volunteering (SEV) program. Residents are also required to adhere to the requirements of their phase within the program.
  4. Eudaimonia sober living homes are to remain gender-specific at all times.
    Members of the opposite sex are not allowed in male or female Eudaimonia homes. All guests (male or female) must be approved before entering an ERH home and sexual activity between residents or nonresidents is not permitted on any Eudaimonia properties.
  5. Residents and staff must maintain professional and appropriate relationships with other members of the Eudaimonia community.
    Dating, sexual activity, or romantic relationships between staff and residents is prohibited. Additionally, sexual activity, fraternization, or romantic relationships between residents of other Eudaimonia homes is not permitted.
  6. Residents are responsible for purchasing products related to their personal needs.
    Residents must purchase their own food, drinks, personal hygiene products, and any other product that is not already provided for them.
  7. Residents are expected to adhere to the rules and standards of the Eudaimonia Recovery Homes community.
    Eudaimonia residents are given a complete list of residential rules and standards and are expected to follow them. If these regulations are violated, Eudaimonia staff has the right to discharge residents from the sober living program.

If any resident is struggling to follow any of the above regulations, he or she should communicate with the appropriate program coordinator and ask for help.

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