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Throughout the course of your loved one’s addiction, you were undoubtedly worried and concerned for their health and safety. With your loved one enrolled in a safe, supportive sober living home, you can now focus on healing and recovery as a family unit.

Family support is an essential part of every resident’s recovery journey and here at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we are dedicated to helping families heal broken relationships between parents, children, and siblings. While the damage wrought by addiction is severe, there is always healing to be found.

Our program provides accountability and monitoring throughout your loved one’s recovery as we serve as your eyes and ears and give you the opportunity to reclaim your daily life. Once your loved one has been enrolled in our sober living program, you and your family will be initiated into our Accountability and Monitoring Program.

Why We Prioritize Family Support

To treat the family – Addiction is a family disease and alcoholism and drug addiction affect every individual in the family unit, not just the individual abusing the substance. Because of this, addiction treatment and recovery should not just require the participation of one person. It must be a shared effort among the entire family.

To provide peace of mind – Entrusting the care of your loved one to anyone is difficult, especially after you’ve experienced the destructive impact of addiction. Our emphasis on family support allows us to keep the lines of communication open and maintain transparency throughout the course of your loved one’s program.

To address harmful behaviors – When a loved one returns home from treatment, harmful behaviors such as codependency and enabling may increase the risk of relapse. You and your family may not realize that certain behaviors are detrimental to the recovery of your loved one. Our staff will help you recognize these behaviors and learn to modify your attitudes, thoughts, and actions so you can protect the integrity of your loved one’s sobriety goals

To improve communication skills – Learning how to communicate effectively, lovingly, and respectfully is difficult but our staff will act as a third-party mediator to coach each member of the family and demonstrate healthy ways of communicating.

About Our Accountability and Monitoring Program

Upon admission into a Eudaimonia home, your loved one will be automatically enrolled in our Accountability and Monitoring Program (AMP) under the guidance of an assigned program coordinator. Our program coordinators have all walked through the same obstacles your loved one is facing in recovery and are well-equipped to guide them. The program coordinator will also maintain consistent contact with you and your family to provide regular progress reports.

Our AMP program provides the following services:

  • A monthly report detailing your loved one’s progress
  • Ongoing access to your loved one’s sober manager
  • Therapeutic family support and resources
  • A comprehensive recovery program focused on life skills and relapse prevention for your loved one

To learn more about our Accountability and Monitoring Program or to enroll a loved one in a sober living program, please contact our admissions team today.

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