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How Eudaimonia Began with Sober Living in Texas

The history (or inception) of Eudaimonia, started with the name. Eudaimonia is an ethics term, derived from Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics. Eudaimonia roughly translates to “happiness” or “living well”. Considering the purpose of a sober living home, is to assist individuals in continuing a happy, sober, and clean life style, we thought this was a perfect fit.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes’ history began in November of 2009, when we started providing sober housing for both men and women in Austin, Texas. The original concept was to provide a safe, clean, and sober environment for residents to continue their path in recovery.

In the spring of 2010, we opened our second mens’ sober living home in Austin, Texas. During this time, all of our home were primarily located in the North Austin area. During the summer of 2010, we partnered with SoberHood to assist with one of the only LGBT sober living homes in Texas. The home was officially named the Scott D. Home.

During 2011, we created our addiction monitoring program, (AMP). The program was designed to provide additional recovery support to our members, as an additional ancillary service. In addition, we expanded our sober living homes into West Austin, Texas and added a sober living home in Central Austin, Texas.

2012, was a year that we increased programming. Prior to 2012, we offered life coaching after our weekly house meeting. The life coaching session, was geared heavy towards obtaining employment. To increase the success of our residents becoming employed, we created the SEV program. The SEV program contained specific employment locations for residents to obtain employment. With the success of the SEV program, came an increase in demand for our sober living program, and more residents seeking to return to school. To accommodate the educational goals of our residents, we opened our first Central Austin sober living location, near the University of Texas and another North Austin sober living home near ACC.

Our main office location, was developed and opened in 2013. We expanded our office space, to accommodate our AMP service. In 2013, we began offering AMP to all of our residents, at no additional cost. From the inception of AMP, we noticed a drastic difference in the length of stays in sober living, and sobriety success rates between AMP enrollees and Non-AMP clients. To accommodate the increased length of stays and success, we added an additional North Austin sober living location and our second Central Austin location.

As the accountability and structure in sober living, grew, we add a relapse prevention track to the SEV program in 2014. We also moved the SEV program, from being performed in the homes, to our main office location. We began to offer the SEV program 3 days a week. In addition, the increase in popularity of Central Austin sober living location, allowed us to move our graduate program to Central Austin. With sober living homes, in the major areas of Austin, Texas, we begin to explore the idea of sober living homes in Houston, Texas. In 2014, we combined forces with Extended Aftercare Inc, to open seven sober living homes in Houston, Texas. Our Houston sober living, was the first community style environment, we were apart of.

With a great success of our sober living community model in Houston, Texas, we purchased a sober living apartment complex in Austin, Texas. With the closing of the property, in June of 2015, we begin the extensive remodel process of 54 units, and a world class welcome center. In addition, we created and implemented a new curriculum for our AMP program.

In February of 2016, another step of the company’s history occurred, as Eudaimonia Recovery Homes launched sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our first sober living home in Colorado Springs, Colorado was designed as a sober living home for men. With the backdrop of Pikes Peak and the outdoor available adventures, our sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a successful place for men to continue their journey of recovery.

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