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While we realize that choosing a sober living home can be overwhelming and difficult, our men’s sober living homes and support programs are specifically designed for men who have completed an inpatient rehab program and are actively pursuing a life of long-term sobriety. We believe that the following qualities make Eudaimonia Recovery Homes the best and easiest choice for men in recovery.

We offer a sober, supportive community for men.
While living at a Eudaimonia sober living home, you’ll have the support and encouragement of a solid group of men in recovery. This type of community living can help you get through the difficult challenges of early recovery. Having a social circle full of good influences during this stage of your sobriety reduces isolation and improves your chances of staying sober long-term.

We prioritize family involvement.
We realize you can’t just put life on hold while you pursue your recovery. You may have relationships that still need tending to, such as a wife and children. We recognize this need and have designed our men’s sober living program to involve incorporate family involvement throughout your time here. Your family members will be consistently updated on your progress and as you achieve your program objectives, you will be awarded day or weekend passes so you can spend some quality time with them.

Our men’s sober living program is designed for personal growth.
Our programming is centered around your recovery and aims to assist you as you mold your life into one that is characterized by integrity, good character, and self-awareness. We want you to be proud of the life you live. This is achieved by modifying your thoughts and actions to consistently live a life of sobriety and wellness.

We provide structure during a vulnerable time.
Early recovery can be a very difficult time. You may experience strong emotions you have not felt while sober yet, and you may also face difficult life changes, such as starting a new job or dealing with the death of a loved one. The structure provided by our sober living homes helps you establish new, healthy routines that will decrease anxiety, cravings, and procrastination despite the changes taking place all around you.

We assist men with education and employment support.
Your success and career are important to you—and us! We understand and recognize that this is a valuable aspect of your recovery. Our aim is to help you meet your goals and aspirations by providing assistance with job interviewing skills, preparing resumes, researching job opportunities, and developing educational plans for residents who wish to begin or continue higher education.

We prioritize your safety at all times.
You will never feel unsafe at a Eudaimonia home. Our staff will always put your safety and well-being first by providing well-maintained facilities in safe locations. Our resident managers ensure each sober home remains substance-free and that all rules and regulations are followed.

men sober living in Austin

Men’s Sober Living in Austin, TX

Our Austin apartments for men offer a unique sober living experience in a fast-paced, desirable area of the city. These apartment homes are staffed 24/7 and offer a phased recovery program with resident care advocates, house managers, and assigned program coordinators. Our men’s apartments are located near a variety of local shopping centers, grocery stores, employment opportunities, and local colleges.

Men’s Sober Living in Houston, TX

We operate one sober living home for men in Houston. It is located in a neighborhood right off Heights Boulevard in an area known as the Houston Heights. Our Houston home offers several different types of room options that provide varying levels of privacy and space. It’s also just a few minutes from I-10, and several different bus stops make travel convenient for residents who do not have a vehicle. The neighborhood is very vibrant and walkable, with many restaurants, grocery stores, and employment opportunities nearby.

men sober living in Houston
men sober living in Colorado

Men’s Sober Living in Colorado Springs, CO

Our men’s sober living homes in Colorado Springs boast a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak with the downtown area conveniently close by. We operate two men’s homes in this location and provide structured living and regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure accountability. Both homes are near shopping areas, grocery stores, and local colleges, and a nearby bus route provides transportation into the downtown area.

Why Choose to Live in a Men’s Sober Living Home?

There are many benefits to living in a Eudaimonia men’s sober living home. If you have recently completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, here are a few reasons to consider continuing your recovery journey at one of our sober living facilities.

  • A sober living home provides stability and keeps you from returning to a harmful living environment after rehab.
  • You have increased independence, with the freedom to attend work, school, and pursue hobbies and other interests as you choose.
  • You receive extended recovery support with peer accountability and readily available recovery resources.
  • The cost to live at a Eudaimonia sober living home is affordable.
  • You have the ability to attend local recovery groups in your area both during and after the completion of your sober living program.
  • Your family can rest easy knowing you are in a safe, sober, and structured environment.

If you’re ready to apply to one of our sober living locations, submit your application today or contact our admissions team for more information about men’s sober living with Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.

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