Program Application

    Program Application

    This application is for internal uses only. The questions are designed to assist Eudaimonia Recovery Homes in utilizing our resources to assist you in your recovery through accountability and aiding you in any obstacles you may need to overcome.

    Demographic Information:

    Full Name:

    Date of Birth:

    Social Security Number:

    Home Address:

    Phone Number:


    Martial Status : SingleMarriedDivorced

    Emergency Contact

    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:


    Are you currently on probation or have pending charges? (Please provide detailed information):

    Have you ever been convicted of any felonies?:

    Treatment History

    Sobriety Date:
    Are you discharging from a substance abuse facility:YesNo
    If Yes: Treatment Center:

    Counselor Name:
    Counselor Email:
    Counselor Phone Number:

    Discharge Date:
    Current Medications:


    Will you be bringing a vehicle?
    Are you currently employed, and plan to remain with your employer during our program?:
    Are you currently enrolled in school, and plan on continuing as a full-time student?:
    Will you be attending an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?:
    If Yes:
    If no, would you like information regarding our IOP program?:


    Which city are you interested in?:
    Austin, TXHouston, TXColorado Springs, COChicago, IL
    Is there a particular home you are wanting to live in?:
    Have you lived in a sober living home before?: YesNo
    How did you hear about Eudaimonia Recovery Homes?:


    Yearly Gross Income:
    Yearly Expenses:
    Are you wanting to : Private PayUtilize Insurance

    If Utilizing Insurance:
    Insurance Company:
    Company Phone Number:
    Member ID Number:
    Group Number:
    Type of Plan:


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