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Support Employment Volunteering (SEV) Program

Relapse Prevention Education and Employment Assistance

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While living with an addiction, you developed a lifestyle that was conducive to your substance abuse. Once in an inpatient rehab program, you adapted to an early morning routine and structured daily activities. Now, the transition from primary addiction treatment into a life of sobriety on your own can be a difficult one and will require that you make more independent choices, take on additional responsibilities, and utilize necessary life skills.

In order to address these challenges, we developed the Support Employment Volunteering (SEV) program. This intensive outpatient treatment program is tailored to the needs of people who are transitioning out of an addiction inpatient treatment and into a sober living program. Our SEV program can naturally be combined with local recovery meetings that you are free to attend at another time and provides outpatient groups designed to develop the necessary tools for this type of transition.

Program Outline

Our SEV program is a licensed outpatient program focused on chemical dependency education and life skills. Intensive outpatient groups are held three days a week for two hours each day. Each group session is split into two hour-long sessions encompassing the following curriculum plans.

Support Curriculum

The first hour of SEV is a chemical dependency class focused on support and relapse prevention and is administered by a clinical team member. The curriculum is comprised of the following modules:

  1. The Risk of Relapse
  2. The Causes of Relapse
  3. Types of Relapse Prevention Techniques

Each module will be given a full week of attention and focus on education, preparation and implementation of counter measure techniques.

Employment & Volunteering Curriculum

The second hour of SEV is focused on employment and volunteering. A member of our clinical team or our in-house life coach will facilitate this half of the group which is dedicated to resume building, interview skills, and job research.

The two portions of our SEV program curriculum are designed to complement each other and provide education and resources to assist you as you learn to manage and balance the increased responsibilities of sober living after inpatient rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Components

Our IOP meetings are structured around the following elements that will enable you to remain sober on a long-term basis by avoiding relapse.

  • Weekly Relapse Prevention
  • Education/Plan of Action
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Anger Resolution Therapy
  • Family Dynamics
  • Living Sober

SEV Program Benefits

  • Gain essential life skills that will aid in independent living
  • Decrease chances of relapse with the goal of long-term sobriety
  • Find and maintain reliable employment
  • Reduce stressors associated with early recovery
  • Maintain accountability with a peer recovery group

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