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Women’s Sober Living

Sober Living Homes for Women in Texas and Colorado

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Sober Living Homes Designed Specifically for Women in Recovery

Re-entry into independent life after rehab comes with its own set of unique challenges. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers several sober homes that are tailored to address the specific challenges women face in early recovery. Here’s how our sober living homes for women can help manage the transition from rehab to independent sober life.

We provide a caring, communal environment.
At each of our sober living homes, you’ll live life with other women facing the same challenges as you. Spending time with this encouraging and supportive community of strong women will serve as a solid foundation for your recovery. Additionally, spending time with your housemates will help you develop a new social circle of women that are aware and supportive of your recovery goals. Many of these friendships may even grow to become lifelong relationships.

We prioritize your safety.
Our community policies and management ensure that each women’s sober living home remains a substance-free environment in which you can thrive. All of our facilities for women are located in nice, safe areas of town, and house managers maintain accountability with regular drug and alcohol testing. They also provide assistance as needed and may act as mediators if a conflict arises between residents.

We involve your family in the recovery process.
We understand that the recovery process should involve the entire family unit. During your time at a Eudaimonia sober living home, your assigned program coordinator will contact and meet with your parents, husband, and children (as applicable) on a regular basis to update them on your progress. This process encourages healing among all members of the family and helps prepare everyone for your eventual return back home.

We help you achieve your career and education goals.
In addition to supporting your sobriety goals, we also encourage you to achieve any career and educational goals you have. Our staff provides support by offering assistance in drafting your resume, preparing you for interviews, helping you research employment opportunities, and working with you to develop an educational plan that is best suited to your circumstances.

We offer a structured living environment.
Returning to a harmful living environment after rehab is one of the top causes of relapse. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, our sober living homes for women offer a structured environment where you can live independently while also receiving the support you need to build and maintain a regular, healthy routine. This structure decreases anxiety and procrastination while helping you manage the increased responsibilities and personal freedoms after rehab.

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Women’s Sober Living in Austin, Texas

We operate two sober living homes for women in Austin. Each of these homes is located in a nice area in the north central part of the city. These homes are both near a local bus route and within walking distance of several grocery stores, retail locations, and many employment opportunities. Each of our women’s locations in Austin also offers a phased recovery program with assigned program coordinators and on-site house managers.

Why Choose to Live in a Women’s Sober Living Home?

Our sober living homes are designed to assist women who have recently completed an inpatient rehab program. Here are a few of the main benefits of continuing your recovery at one of our women-only sober living facilities.

  • Affordable continued care
  • Stability during early recovery
  • Active community of other women in recovery
  • Increased independence and responsibilities after rehab
  • Caring, compassionate recovery support staff
  • Monitored recovery programs for family members’ peace of mind

If you are interested in learning more about one of our women’s sober living locations, please contact our admissions team today. You may also submit an application online to get started with the enrollment process.

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