Alcohol and Drug Screening Program

Frequent, Accurate Drug and Alcohol Testing for Accountability in Sober Living

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Upon enrollment, all Eudaimonia residents will participate in our Alcohol and Drug Screening Program. The cost of testing is accounted for in our monthly program tuition and you or your loved one’s participation is required while living in a Eudaimonia sober living home. This program is designed to hold you accountable to your recovery goals and maintain a safe, substance-free living environment for all residents.

Our staff adheres to a simple screening process that always provides accurate results. By utilizing our toxicology laboratory, we can consistently prevent and verify all false positives that may occur as a result of prescribed medication. We are proud to offer a cutting-edge testing method that will never jeopardize your sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Screening Process

The Eudaimonia Alcohol and Drug Screening Program provides consistent support and verification that you or your loved one is upholding their commitment to a substance-free lifestyle. We understand that this is a very important aspect of any transitional living program, therefore we take it very seriously. Below is an outline of our Alcohol and Drug Screening Program as well as what residents can expect to experience while enrolled.

1. Residents of all transitional housing programs participate in onsite drug and alcohol testing twice a week. Each of these drug tests is performed approximately 80 hours apart.

2. Our staff obtains immediate results. Our drug screening process is extremely thorough and tests for more than 70 different substances. We obtain immediate results for THC, COC, OPI, AMP, MET, PCP, MDMA, BAR, BZO, MTD, TCA, and OXY (among others).

3. All samples are sent to a toxicology laboratory. Once the onsite test is completed, we send the samples to a toxicology laboratory where they are tested within 48 hours for alcohol, core drugs, and synthetic drugs like spice and bath salts. Alcohol use is determined through ETG and ETS testing and we receive confirmed laboratory results within 72 hours.

Benefits of the Eudaimonia Alcohol and Drug Screening Program

Our Alcohol and Drug Screening program offers a number of benefits for residents enrolled in a sober living program at Eudaimonia. A few of these benefits include:

  • Consistent and frequent testing – Our sober living program requires that residents participate in drug and alcohol screenings on a regular basis to ensure they are maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. This level of accountability helps residents maintain motivation to continue pursuing their recovery goals throughout the course of their transitional living program.
  • Simple process and fast, accurate results – We understand that family members will want to see accurate drug test results in a timely manner. We can assure you that there will be no false positives and our confirmed laboratory results will be ready within 72 hours of testing.
  • Easy access to results – We provide families and residents with website access to test results 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We also provide access to printed test results for your convenience.
  • Peace of mind – Knowing that loved ones are safe and sober while living at one of our sober living homes is a top priority for many of our clients’ families. Our Alcohol and Drug Screening Program provides you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your loved one is continually maintaining his or her sobriety.

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