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Supporting the 12-Step program of recovery in a structured, safe, clean and accountable atmosphere. Sober Living in Austin (TX), Houston (TX) and Colorado Springs (CO).

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Easing the Transition from Rehab to Sober Living

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, our mission is to close the gap between rehab and independent sober living. We do this by providing safe, comfortable and structured homes where men, women and LGBTQ individuals in recovery can continue to thrive in a new lifestyle of sobriety after rehab. We have helped hundreds of individuals transition into one of our sober living homes to continue their recovery journey so we understand that this can be an overwhelming and scary process.

Our friendly and compassionate staff members are here to assist you and make the process as easy as possible. Our admissions staff is available seven days a week to answer questions and walk you through the enrollment process.

Safe, Comfortable Sober Living Homes for Men, Women and LGBTQ Individuals

Eudaimonia offers sober living homes and apartments in a number of locations across the country including Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Colorado Springs, CO and Chicago, IL. As a result, our sober living programs offer a variety of residence styles and living environments. Whether you prefer the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains or the bustling, exciting city life of Chicago, all of our homes provide a unique, recovery-focused sober living experience.

Each Eudaimonia home is designed for your comfort, featuring wonderful amenities, convenient locations, and well-maintained residences. Many residents choose to live in one of our sober homes for three to six months, but there is no minimum or maximum length of stay required. We know that the personal growth process is different for everyone, so our homes are designed to help you develop life skills and practice relapse prevention techniques in a safe, structured environment for as long as it’s needed.

Sober Living
Austin, TX

Sober Living
Houston, TX

Sober Living
Colorado Springs, CO

Recovery Support Services

Eudaimonia sober living homes are much more than just a place to eat and sleep. Our residences are designed to be a continuation of the recovery process following the completion of a rehab program. Because of this, we provide our residents with the following recovery support services:

  • Three-phase Recovery Program
  • Addiction Monitoring Program
  • Support Employment Volunteering Program
  • Alcohol and drug screening

We also offer several different outpatient treatment programs for our sober living residents in Houston and Austin, Texas. These recovery support services provide accountability, clinical support, and additional guidance as you work through the phases of your recovery program. You will not face the struggles of early recovery alone. We are here to help you each step of the way.

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Once you select a location of interest, a knowledgeable member our admissions team will guide you through the enrollment process from start to finish. The admissions process at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is fast and easy and our goal is to make it a simple and stress-free experience for all of our applicants. Simply click the “Apply Today” button and fill out an online application. You may also visit our admissions page to download and email/fax us your application to reserve a spot today.

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