Three Phase Program

A Sober Living Program to Help You Gradually Grow Into an Independent Sober Life

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Residents of Eudaimonia sober living homes are automatically enrolled in our Three Phase Program. This program is designed to provide assistance as you develop a firm foundation in your newfound sobriety and learn to live a sober life independently after rehab. It is offered in conjunction with our Addiction Monitoring Program (AMP), Support Employment Volunteering Program (SEV), and Alcohol and Drug Screening Program to create a well-rounded support system throughout your transitional housing program.

The program guidelines include:

  • Curfew
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Individual chores
  • Working, volunteering, or attending school
  • Support Employment Volunteering (SEV) Program
  • Actively working with a sponsor

Three Phase Program Outline

Eudaimonia’s Three Phase Program is broken down into three phases. Each phase consists of specific objectives, and as you achieve each one, you will receive a new responsibility or reward. This process helps you gradually assimilate into real world recovery. The program also requires that you attend three weekly meetings which are comprised of the following:

  1. A new beginners meeting
  2. A same-sex meeting
  3. An alumni meeting

All residents under the age of 25 are required to attend one additional meeting, such as College Students in Recovery (CSR). This is a special group meeting tailored for young adults that offers additional opportunities to develop healthy social outlets and build peer relationships within the recovery community.

As you progress through the Three Phase Program, the number of required meetings you must attend will remain the same, but the goal is that you will continue to grow personally, as do your freedoms and responsibilities.

Your recovery coach will assist you as you complete each objective. The objectives and rewards listed below are an overview of the Three Phase Program and are not necessarily in corresponding order.

Phase 1

Obtain a SponsorRecovery FoundationCurfew Extensions
Living QuartersLife SkillsOvernight Pass
EmploymentLife SkillsCurfew Time Change
Program ParticipationRecovery Foundation

Phase 2

Service WorkRecovery FoundationCurfew Extensions
BudgetingLife SkillsAdditional Overnight Passes
Maintain EmploymentLife SkillsCurfew Time Change
Sponsoring OthersRecovery FoundationDrop Down in Program Structure

Phase 3

Maintain Service WorkRecoveryAdditional Weekend Passes
Community InvolvementRecoveryDrop Down in Program Structure
Maintain EmploymentLife Skills
Program ComplianceRecovery Foundation

Three Phase Program Benefits

The Eudaimonia Three Phase Program provides several promising benefits for those enrolled in our transitional living:

  • Learn important life skills and responsibility – Life skills like maintaining employment, budgeting, volunteering, and sponsoring others in their recovery are essential to maintaining long-term sobriety. The Three Phase Program provides an opportunity to learn and practice these skills while enrolled in sober living.
  • Acclimate into a more independent lifestyle – It will take time to adjust to an increase in responsibilities after completing drug and alcohol rehab. This program gives residents more time to gradually increase their responsibilities and freedoms before living a sober lifestyle on their own.
  • Continue establishing a recovery foundation – Recovery is not done in isolation and peer support is key to continuing the journey. Throughout the Three Phase Program, residents continue to build relationships with their peers and recovery support specialists as they work to achieve their program objectives.

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