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Intensive Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Programs

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Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers an intensive outpatient treatment program in addition to its sober living programs. We recognize that you may need additional support as you progress through your sober living program and recover from substance use disorders. Our IOP program provides consistency, accountability, and assistance in managing the increased responsibilities that come with life after rehab.

What Is IOP?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a treatment program that addresses drug and alcohol addiction, along with other mental health and behavioral issues. IOP is ideal for clients who do not require round-the-clock care or a higher level of treatment, such as a residential rehab program.

individual outpatient program

IOP clients live at home or in a sober living house while they receive outpatient care. Group sessions occur several times a week over the course of six to eight weeks. The flexibility of the program allows them to maintain other responsibilities and commitments while also attending treatment sessions during the day, before or after work or school, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

Intensive outpatient programs are often offered in conjunction with other addiction treatment services like residential rehab at a rehab center or sober living, as they ease the transition into the next level of treatment and reduce the client’s risk of relapse by providing intensive support.

Convenient Outpatient Groups That Empower You to Stay Sober

Our IOP groups are available for men, women, and LGBTQ individuals in recovery. Groups meet three times per week in a safe clinical setting and the program in its entirety lasts about eight weeks. While enrolled, you’ll be empowered to continue your recovery journey with group discussion that explores current personal issues, relapse prevention education, and life skills. As a result, you’ll be better prepared to face the unexpected challenges of life without relying on substance abuse. The resolve and tools you gain throughout your sober living program and outpatient treatment program will continue to be essential to a life in recovery, even well after you return to independent mainstream living.

While attending IOP, you will also be encouraged to join a local fellowship such as an AA or NA 12-step group. This will also help keep stressors and temptations at bay while holding you accountable for your actions. The more you surround yourself with constant support, the less likely you are to relapse.

We Bring Treatment to You With Flexible and Remote Online IOP

online intensive outpatient session

If you cannot travel for treatment, live in a remote area, or prefer to attend IOP virtually, online IOP might be a perfect fit for you. Our online outpatient treatment program offers enhanced flexibility with interactive remote video sessions so you can continue your treatment from anywhere. This eight-week program consists of three scheduled group sessions each week, which are facilitated by an experienced licensed professional counselor at a licensed treatment center in Texas.

Just like a traditional intensive outpatient program, online IOP gives you the support, structure, and relapse prevention tools you need to sustain your sobriety long-term. As you establish a peer support group through online sessions, you’ll also benefit from the same accountability found in traditional IOP.

Personal Therapeutic Services For Improved Mental Health

Eudaimonia also offers individual therapeutic services for those enrolled in IOP. Whether you need to see a psychiatrist to establish a relationship with a new doctor in the Austin or Houston area, or you’d like to work with a counselor one-on-one, our therapeutic professionals are always available to assist you in whatever way is needed.

During the early recovery process, you’ll also most likely be juggling a variety of responsibilities, such as applying and interviewing for employment, getting settled in a new city, trying to find a sponsor, and attending local IOP meetings. All of this can be a lot to handle, especially while you’re still adjusting living sober life on your own. To aid in your recovery, our recovery coaches are here to help you plan, manage, and achieve your recovery goals while also acting as a liaison between yourself and your family members.

Safe and Convenenient Eudaimonia IOP Locations

Intensive outpatient programs are offered at our Austin and Houston, Texas locations. Each of our sober living homes is conveniently located near the local IOP facility.

Austin IOP
7501 E Hwy 290  
Austin, TX 78723
Colorado SpringsIOP
3610 Rebecca Ln #210   
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Houston IOP
1010 Waverly Street
Houston, TX 77008

What to Expect During IOP

If you’re enrolled in an intensive outpatient program, you can expect to spend anywhere from nine to 20 hours in treatment each week (depending on your personal needs) and meet three or more times in a group setting. At Eudaimonia, each treatment session generally lasts about three hours and includes an Education Group and a Process Group with a short break in between.

iop group session

In addition to group therapy, IOP will consist of individual therapy, educational lectures, specialized therapies like music or art therapy, and intensive 12-Step Program work. At Eudaimonia, clients will cover a variety of topics in IOP, including:

  • Social skills
  • Restructuring thoughts
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family dynamics
  • The science of addiction
  • Problem-solving

It’s also important to note that an intensive outpatient program is personalized to meet your needs.


  • Continually work to maintain your sobriety while living at a Eudaimonia home
  • Enjoy flexibility to attend work, school, and other obligations
  • Increase your chances for long-term sobriety with ongoing recovery support programming
  • Stay accountable to your program and your recovery goals
  • Learn and develop additional life skills that will help you maintain your sobriety
  • Build relationships with other people in recovery

IOP Cost

Our intensive outpatient treatment is very affordable and we will work with most insurance companies to help you supplement the cost of care. The insurance verification process is quick, easy and completely confidential.
If you have questions about IOP at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, please contact our admissions team today to speak with an advisor.

Is IOP Right For Me?

IOP might be right for you if:

  • You have a safe and sober living environment or you currently live in a sober living home
  • You’ve already completed residential rehab
  • You’ve recently relapsed and you need help getting back on track
  • Your treatment team has recommended you continue your addiction treatment with IOP
  • You’ve spoken with a Eudaimonia representative, who has recommended IOP as the next step for you

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