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Eudaimonia women’s sober living homes in Austin, Texas are designed to make you feel right at home, with great amenities, convenient locations, and extensive support programming.


Each of our women’s sober homes in Austin is fully furnished with comfortable living room furniture, dining room tables, and chairs. Uniquely designed especially for your comfort, each location also has flat screen TVs in each bedroom with cable and Wi-Fi throughout the whole house.

Each spacious bedroom is meant to accommodate two residents, featuring dressers, comfortable platform beds with clean linens, pillows, and blankets provided. Every location also provides a washer and dryer with a supply of laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and bathroom products for your convenience.

Our women’s sober homes in Austin are outfit with full kitchens and appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves, so you can store ingredients and cook your meals with ease. In addition, all kitchens are fully stocked with dishes, cooking and eating utensils.

Our women’s sober living homes in Austin will make you feel at home, with modern decor, clean and cozy living areas and a semi-private room where you can enjoy some alone time when you need it.

Support Services

Both of our Austin women’s sober living locations offers a robust support program to ensure you have the assistance you need to successfully live out the skills you learned in rehab.

The following support services are also offered at each women’s sober home in Austin, Texas:

  • Structured Living – Residents adhere to a structured schedule and maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol while enrolled in sober living. Regular drug testing provides accountability and ensures a safe and substance-free environment for everyone.
  • Certified Peer Recovery Support – The MAP Program provides ongoing personalized peer support for all Austin sober living clients. Weekly and bi-weekly support sessions, family involvement, and 24/7 access to live recovery support services all contribute to a sober living program that provides robust accountability and support.
  • Group Meetings – Your house manager will arrange group meetings at the sober home to facilitate regular group discussions with your peers.
  • Recovery Programs – Our Three Phase Support Program reinforces the life skills you learned while in rehab. Our curriculum-based tiered programming offers additional relapse prevention techniques and education while you set out to achieve objectives that are rewarded with more personal freedoms and responsibilities.
  • Outpatient Treatment Services – For an additional cost, intensive outpatient group meetings are offered three times per week and are designed to help you manage the increase in choices, responsibilities and life skills that sober living requires. IOP meetings can be combined with local recovery meetings as your schedule allows.

How much does sober living cost?

Eudaimonia offers women’s sober living in Austin, Texas for $800 per month per resident. This is well below the average rent for an apartment in Austin, which is $1,303. The cost for our women’s sober living program includes room and board, on-site amenities, and all recovery support programming with the exception of IOP. We are proud to provide safe, clean, and supportive sober living homes for women at an extremely affordable price.

Our Convenient Locations

Eudaimonia offers three sober living locations for women in Austin, Texas. They are each located in the north central area of town and are conveniently located near a bus route, for easy transportation to work, school or local attractions. Our women’s sober living homes are also within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and other local shopping centers and businesses. If you have a vehicle and would like to bring it, you may. Otherwise, getting around will not be an issue.

10506 Parkfield Drive, Austin, TX

$800 per month

9415 Quail Meadow Dr. Austin, TX 78758

$800 per month

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