What is the best treatment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction?

best treatment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction

Alcoholism or we say alcohol addiction or drug abuse is a disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Factors like genetics, race, or social economics are responsible to predispose a person to alcohol or drug addiction. However, addiction is not limited only to these factors, there are many more that contribute to addiction. The severity of the disease can range from person to person. For example; some people may consume alcohol or drugs heavily throughout the day, while others can binge drink and then stay sober for a day. Regardless of what type of addiction a person is suffering from, a good alcohol rehab center can help a person overcome the problem.

Symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction is not easy to recognize. Nowadays, substance abuse is widely available and accepted by millions of people all around the world. It is often a result of social situations closely linked to enjoyment at celebrations. Substance abuse is a part of life for many people, thus, it becomes hard to recognize the difference between someone with a minor substance abuse problem or someone with a real addiction.

Some of the common symptoms of addiction are:

  • Frequent use of substances or alcohol.
  • Increased quantity.
  • High tolerance for drugs or alcohol.
  • Lack of ” hangover” symptoms.
  • Consuming drugs or alcohol at inappropriate times, for example, the first thing to do in the morning is to consume drugs or alcohol at the workplace.
  • Change in relationship with family and friends.
  • Hiding reality from the closer ones.
  • Dependency on drugs or alcohol for everyday functioning.
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • Emotional issues and increased lethargy.

The addiction can become worse over time, thus, it is important for you to look for early signs and symptoms to get appropriate treatment to overcome the problem. If you are worried about someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction,  it is best to show them support without making them feel guilty.  These individuals may have no idea that there are Drug Detox options available, such as Briarwood Detox, for help. Exploring the detox treatment options can be a great option to help a person suffering from addiction. In most reputed detox centers, a customized treatment plan is made to help the addicts to overcome the problem.

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Health complications associated with drug or alcohol addiction

Addiction can result in fatal heart or liver diseases like:

  • Ulcers. 
  • Bone loss.
  • Vision problem.
  • Diabetic complications.
  • Compromised immune system.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Birth defects.
  • Sexual problems and more.

These diseases can become severe with time and lead a person to death. Fortunately, addiction is treatable and with the help of the right treatment plan, one can attain long-term sobriety.

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There Is Hope Ahead: Alcohol Rehab Centre in Austin

Treatment of drugs or alcohol can be a challenging or complex task.  Also, one cannot stop a person from consuming drugs or alcohol if they are not ready. The success of detox treatment depends upon the person’s desire to become sober and live a healthy life. This is the reason why in most rehabilitation programs, the medical team guides the person about addiction first and its adverse effects on their health. They encourage and motivate people to overcome drugs by providing them with the required guidance support and medical assistance. The stay in rehab involves daily care and nutrition along with a customized treatment plan to make sure that person recovers healthily and faster.

The Rehab treatment can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months or even, depending upon the physical and mental condition of a person. During the stay in rehab, a person gets to learn many tools and techniques that help to handle the withdrawal symptoms and relapse challenges that one may face after quitting drugs.

In the worst situation, the medical team can also prescribe some medications to help with certain conditions. Therapies are used to teach someone how to cope with the anxiety or stress that person faces after quitting substance abuse. Also, a person gets to learn the new skills required to prevent relapse. So if your loved one is also suffering from addiction, you must help them by finding the best alcohol rehab center in Austin and motivating them positively to take the necessary treatment required to overcome the problem.

The staff at Eudaimonia understands that recovery is an ongoing process and you’ll need help along the way. If you’ve already completed detox or rehab, you may need to consider seeking help from a sober living program, IOP, or certified peer recovery support specialist. To learn more about these services, please contact us online or call (512) 580-3131 to speak with an admissions representative.

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