How to Stay Motivated in Sobriety

How to Stay Motivated in Sobriety

Staying motivated in sobriety comes with its own difficulties and struggles. This is especially true for long-term sobriety and sober living when it feels like all your goals have already been met. Here are a couple of tips to help you stay motivated no matter where you are in your recovery journey.

Connect with Your Community

It’s important to find a community or group that you connect and resonate with that can support you through your recovery journey. As long as you’re involving yourself in a community, it doesn’t particularly matter whether it’s related to recovery or not. The most important thing is that you’re building connections that you can lean on for support through the tougher aspects of recovery. Surround yourself with people who will celebrate your successes and motivate you through any failures.

A lot of people insist that the only way to participate and benefit from a community is to be physically involved in person. But we live in a post-covid world where online communities are thriving now more than ever before. Reddit, Discord, and Zoom all provide excellent platforms for communities to gather and support each other. And again, it doesn’t necessarily need to be related to recovery. It could be a book club or a group of car enthusiasts—something constructive that you can look forward to and build relationships with people.

Set Achievable and Realistic Sobriety Goals

Your goals in sobriety should be measurable and specific enough that they are recognizably achievable. Essentially, set recovery goals for yourself that aren’t vague because it’s hard to stay motivated for a sobriety goal that doesn’t feel tangible. The following are some examples of achievable goals versus abstract and unrealistic goals.


  • Attend 5 consecutive recovery meetings
  • Reach out to a friend at least once a week
  • Abstain from substance abuse for three months


  • Go to meetings
  • Talk to people
  • Stay away from addictive substances

Notice how the achievable goals are all measurable and quantitative by amounts, weeks, and months. These goals also vary from short-term to long-term so that small goals can be met and motivate you towards achieving the big goals in sobriety.

Seek Help When You’re Struggling

One of the hardest things no one talks about recovery is that yes, it’s hard to ask for help. But it’s even harder to keep asking for help. And you need to be comfortable with continuing to ask and reach out for help when you’re struggling. Recovery is near impossible in isolation. Surround yourself with people you feel you can trust and are comfortable being vulnerable with. These people can be friends, family, professionals such as counselors and therapists, or whoever you feel can offer you the most support through the challenges of recovery and sobriety.

Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal or on a blogging platform can help you organize your thoughts and stay focused on recovery. In long-term recovery, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and your reasons for staying sober. Writing down your thoughts, inspirations, motivational sobriety quotes, and detailed goals keeps the actionable aspects of recovery at the forefront of your mind. If writing isn’t your thing, drawing, painting, or any other creative outlet works just as well. As long as what you’re doing helps you visualize your goals and success in recovery.


“Structure” is often misinterpreted to apply too much pressure and expectation to recovery. The purpose of this section is to set a schedule and give you things to look forward to throughout recovery. But be careful not to overload your schedule to the point that you feel overwhelmed by all the events and tasks that fill your days. Keep it manageable and low-stress, especially in early recovery.

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