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friends in sober livingNew Friends in Sober Living

Making new friends in sober living is an important topic and a real issue. When you transfer from your inpatient treatment provider to your new sober living home, making sober friends is a critical part of developing new social and accountability circles. You’ll understand new things about yourself and about living your life that may not be easy to get used to right away, but with a few sober friends in your corner, it won’t be as difficult as it seems.

Relating to New Friends in Sober Living

In your sober living home, you will meet new sober people who may be in a similar situation as yourself. Some of them will be closer to a full year of sobriety, and some may have more soul searching to do than you before they can transition into an independent lifestyle. Sober friends can relate to you on many levels, and a sober living home is a safe place to communicate and share with your peers. Making new friends could be as easy as just saying “hello.”

Get Active with Sober Friends

You won’t be able to interact with anyone if you never see or talk to anyone. Deciding how to start a dialogue is a lot simpler when you have a prearranged topic of conversation such as an activity, common interest, or even a support group. Learn about what your sober living home has to offer so you can get involved by finding new sober friends.

Here are a few tips for getting active with sober friends:

  • Choose something that makes you feel at ease. You’ll be able to start conversations while you’re in your comfort zone instead of dealing with a new situation on top of finding new friends.
  • Look for outdoor activities as well as things to do inside. You may find that moving around out in nature and getting some exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and confident about approaching new people.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new once you get settled. You may find that in finding new sober friends, you also find a new passion that you never imagined could be something you’d love.

Share and Connect with Sober Friends

No matter how many activities you try and how much you get involved, you won’t be able to make any lasting connections unless you share with others. The best way to get involved is to talk about your experiences and open up in order to relate to the people around you. In the safe environment of your sober living community, you can share with people in a judgment-free zone and make new friends you can relate to every day.

If you need some support living a life of sobriety and are interested in making sober friends, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes may be the perfect fit for you. Our sober living group homes are designed to connect individuals who are learning to live a life of sobriety and we even host group activities and meetings so the residents of our houses can get to know each other. Call Eudaimonia today to get started.

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