Recession is Coming But That is No Excuse to Fall Back in Addiction

abstinence in addiction recovery

It is clear by now that the world, not just our country, is going to face a recession. This means large-scale job losses, a rise in unemployment, and a subsequent set of problems, such as crime, and loss of homes.

The onset of problems will take a toll on people’s mental health. Most of us might find healthy ways to cope with the problems ahead, but there are people who resort to drugs to ease their pains. Among those getting into drugs, there are some, who are already on the path toward recovery, and the new panic taking them back towards their drugs.

Unemployment Can Cause Relapse

It was found in a recent study that unemployment and the inability to find a stable source of income make people get addicted to drugs. This occurred as a relapse too, in people who are going through the rehab process.

Another study says that the relapse was high immediately after losing the job. The fear of financial instability, resulting in increased stress tends to push people towards drugs as a temporary relief from them.

Unlike Other Recessions, 2022 is Full of Jobs

What most people forget is that there are always going to be ups, when there are downs. But unlike in previous years, this time economists have given positive news that unemployment won’t increase as people fear. We all came out of the pandemic, the worst in recent times and the world has already adapted to the new normal. The changes in the systems are getting permanent and the job market is getting broader than before. There is a spurt of new businesses and there are new skills you can acquire to get a job in them all. So, the recession is not a grim picture now.

Unemployment is not the End of the World

If you think that’s not enough, do you really think being unemployed is the worst thing in the world? There are plenty of opportunities out there and if you think none of them would suit you, why don’t you create an opportunity for yourself?

Take up your passion and monetize it. Invest your time and get trained in a high-end skill, and corporations will pay you by the hour.

The Economy Will Bounce Back

Also, the economy will always bounce back. You can consider this a rest period and wait for the better days to come. You can learn to save up too. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue. You can see them all if you keep your eyes open, instead of half-closed with a high head.

Men’s Sober Living Helps in Cementing Confidence

If you or your loved ones are afraid you might relapse during times of unemployment, contact us at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. We will provide you with a secluded space for sober living, so you may gain control over your habits and get into complete sober living. At our men’s sober living homes, you can lead your normal lives, complete with your entertainment and work options too.

Eudaimonia Can Help Keep You on the Path to Recovery

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we know the struggle of trying to achieve and maintain sobriety. However, long-term sobriety is possible for every person in recovery despite the unique challenges they may be facing. With sober living homes located in Houston and Austin, Texas, and Colorado Springs, CO, Eudaimonia can provide essential recovery support services to help you or a loved one achieve lifelong sobriety. Call us today at (512) 580-3131 or contact us online for more information.

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