How an Austin Sober Living House Helps Overcome Sobriety Fears

How an Austin Sober Living House Can Help You Overcome Sobriety FearsGetting sober doesn’t come without its challenges, many of which are psychological. During and even after drug rehab, it’s not uncommon for individuals in recovery to feel anxious, afraid or stressed about what their new sober life will look like. What will happen to their old friendships and relationships? What will every day look like without drugs and alcohol? How will they continue a sober lifestyle without the structure and support provided by a drug rehab program?

Just like any major lifestyle change, staying consistent will require hard work, commitment, and resilience, but an Austin sober living house can provide many life tools, skills, and experiences that are particularly advantageous for individuals in recovery.

First, let’s talk about some of the most common fears people have regarding their sobriety. Then we’ll dive into the perks of living in an Austin sober living house.

Common Fears About Sobriety

Just because a person has completed a drug and alcohol rehab program, doesn’t mean they’re suddenly fearless and equipped to take on the world sober. Maintaining sobriety takes time and people in recovery may find that they learn many valuable lessons while adjusting to a new sober life.

The adjustment to achieving sustained sobriety may require that individuals in recovery face their fears about sobriety, some of which are commonly shared by many others in recovery.1 Here are a few common fears about sobriety:

  • I’ll lose all my friends.
  • My friends and family are going to think differently of me.
  • Life will be boring without drugs and alcohol.
  • I’m going to fail.
  • All of my hard work in rehab will be for nothing.
  • I’m going to be rejected by others if I ask for help to stay sober.
  • I don’t know who I am anymore.

Whether a person is still working to internalize the concepts of the 12-step program or they let these types of fears control them, fear can be a powerful motivator for behavior and these concerns should be taken seriously and addressed promptly, as letting them fester may lead to emotional distress and relapse.

5 Important Ways an Austin Sober Living House Can Help You Overcome Your Sobriety Fears

Sober living houses aren’t just there to keep people sober. While that is certainly a primary function, transitional living programs offer many more benefits that contribute to the overall wellness of residents in recovery.

Here are five ways an Austin sober living house may help you overcome some of the fears you have about sobriety.

  1. Living in an Austin sober living house may encourage you to try new things.

Sometimes in addiction recovery, we lose sight of who we are. We spent so much time crafting our lives around drug and alcohol abuse and once that’s gone, it can be difficult to redefine our identities and lives. While enrolled in a sober living program, residents are encouraged to spend time with sober peers, seek out volunteer opportunities, and participate in group activities. Additionally, being in a new environment may ignite a spirit of adventure and encourage you to get out and try a new hobby, sport, or food. It’s important to try new things in sobriety, as you will need different ways to fill your free time instead of spending that time using drugs and alcohol.

  1. An Austin sober living home provides opportunities to build healthy relationships.

As you adjust to a new life of sobriety, you may also have to learn to accept the fact that some relationships from your prior drug-abusing lifestyle may be beyond repair or unwise to maintain. Losing friends while trying to cope with a new lifestyle may leave you feeling depressed, anxious, or lonely, but a transitional housing program will provide so many opportunities to connect with peers who are also getting sober and give you the chance to start building healthy relationships with new friends.

  1. An Austin sober living home provides accountability.

Studies show that active engagement in peer support groups is a key predictor of sustained recovery.2 As a resident of a sober living home, you will receive peer support and for accountability in a number of ways, including close peer guidance throughout your sober living and recovery programming, regular drug and alcohol testing, and required participation in 12-step group meetings and weekly resident meetings. These structured support systems have been put in place by sober living house management to help ensure the ongoing sober success of residents.

  1. An Austin sober living house gives you time to adjust to your new lifestyle.

Life transformation is never instantaneous. It takes time, effort, and mindfulness. Choosing to live in an Austin sober living house is a conscious decision to commit to a life in recovery and make the necessary adjustments to sustain your sobriety. Whether you need to spend three months at a sober living home or two years, any time spent living there will give you a chance to gradually establish your new life of sobriety and gain the confidence and self-efficacy you need to live sober independently.

  1. An Austin sober living house offers support as you create a new identity for yourself.

Creating a new identity for yourself without drugs and alcohol can be difficult, but spending some time living in a sober living house may provide the emotional and psychological support you need to figure out who you are and what your life looks like without substance abuse.

How to Enroll in an Austin Sober Living House

Living in an Austin sober living house may prove to be very advantageous, especially for individuals who do not have a stable, sober environment to return to upon the completion of the drug rehab program. If you think living in an Austin sober living house may be the right choice for you, it’s easy to get started.

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we provide a simple online booking tool that allows you to browse through our Austin recovery homes and choose the one that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and needs. We offer several different apartment room types and homes for men and women in recovery in the Austin area. Eudaimonia also provides sober living homes in Houston and Colorado Springs if you find that Austin is not the right fit for you.

Spend a few minutes browsing our online booking system or call Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more about sober living in Austin, TX or any of our other locations.



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