Who Can Live in an Austin Sober Living Home?

Who Can Live in an Austin Sober Living Home?

Searching for an Austin sober living home can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of the residency requirements or the difference between a halfway house and a sober living house. The good news is, these questions will all be answered in this blog, so you can easily banish any doubts about whether or not you can or should live in a Eudaimonia Austin sober living home. First, let’s start with the basics: what is a sober living home?

What is an Austin Sober Living Home?

The terms transitional living home, sober living home, halfway house, and ¾ house are all frequently used interchangeably, which can lead to some confusion. All of these terms fall under the umbrella of something the National Alliance for Recovery Residences refers to as a recovery residence.1

Recovery residences, or sober living homes, are sober, safe, and healthy living environments that promote personal recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other associated problems.2 A high-quality Austin sober living home will have a set of rules, policies, and procedures to ensure the health and safety of each resident. Ideally, a high-quality transitional living program will provide tools, life skills, and support services that will help each resident transition from a life of addiction into a life of independent sobriety.

Despite the fact that some sober homes have gained seedy reputations, most recovery residences follow best practices to ensure the safety of residents, the neighborhood, and the overall community.

Should I Live in a Sober Living Home?

If you’re unsure about your needs or your eligibility to live in a Eudaimonia Austin sober living home, consider the following factors first:

  • Your addiction treatment history – Have you already completed drug detox or a drug and alcohol rehab program? If not, you may want to consider completing these before enrolling in a sober living program, as these types of programs will help you establish a firm foundation in your sobriety before you attempt to live sober on your own. Transitional housing programs provide more personal freedoms and flexibility so residents can gradually assimilate into a lifestyle of independent recovery. However, if a resident does not receive the proper tools, support, and behavioral therapy in rehab prior to enrolling in a sober living program, he or she may not be prepared to sustain their sobriety without additional structure.
  • Your current living situation – What does your current living situation look like? If you have recently completed a rehab program and you’re back living at home, is this a situation that is helping or hurting your sobriety? If you find that your current home environment is unsupportive and threatening your ability to stay sober, you may need to look for other options. A living environment that is healthy and supportive of a sober lifestyle should be drug and alcohol-free, enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and be a place where you feel safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Your addiction recovery needs – It’s also important to consider your personal sobriety needs when researching transitional living programs. If you know that you need a great deal of structure to stay sober after rehab, you might want to look for an Austin sober living home that provides tiered recovery programming, regular drug and alcohol testing, and one-on-one peer support to help guide you through the program.

Eudaimonia Austin Sober Living Home Resident Requirements

Most residents who live in a Eudaimonia sober living home have already completed a drug detox and rehab program. This is typically the recommended process because a person who has some sobriety experience in detox and rehab may be more likely to maintain his or her sobriety while enrolled in sober living.

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, our Austin sober living homes each have a code of conduct, established procedures, and recovery programming requirements to maintain safety and accountability among residents and staff at all times.

Eudaimonia Austin sober living home residents are all required to adhere to certain rules while completing their sober living programs. They include:

  • Staying sober – Maintaining your sobriety is one of the primary purposes of a Eudaimonia Austin sober living home and it is also one of the main rules of residency. If you are going to live in an Austin sober living home, you will need to stay sober. If you do happen to have a lapse or a full relapse, staff will address the situation on an individual basis.
  • Following house rules – Each resident is expected to respect the community rules and expectations that are set forth by each sober living house. These standards involve maintaining a safe, clean, and welcoming living space, honoring the requirements of their recovery programming, maintaining appropriate relationships with other residents and sober living staff, and purchasing products related to their own personal needs (such as food, drinks, and hygiene products).
  • Attending group meetings – Residents are asked to attend weekly house meetings, local 12-step groups, and IOP or SEV (Support Employment Volunteer Program) meetings while enrolled in a Eudaimonia sober living program.
  • Submitting to random drug and alcohol testing – Eudaimonia residents of Austin sober living homes are also asked to submit to drug screenings twice a week. These screenings test for 70 different substances and the results are obtained immediately. Alcohol use is detected through ETG and ETS testing and the lab results are confirmed within 72 hours. The purpose of these drug tests is to keep residents accountable for their own actions.

The structured programming of Eudaimonia’s Austin sober living homes is ideal for people who need additional support maintaining their sobriety upon completion of a rehab program or who don’t have a stable and sober living environment to return to after rehab.

If you believe you would benefit from enrolling in a transitional housing program, call Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more about our sober living homes in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. Our admissions staff is happy to answer any additional questions you have.


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