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If you are an LGBTQ man in recovery, a traditional sober living home may not provide a relatable experience for you. Our LGBTQ apartments in Austin, Texas provide a sober living experience that is supportive, safe, and accommodating to your lifestyle.


Our LGBTQ sober living homes for men are Austin clean and comfortable with plenty of advantageous amenities. As a resident, you’ll enjoy a fully furnished apartment featuring a plush, comfortable sofa in the living room, a sleek dining room table with chairs, and a gorgeous full kitchen, complete with full appliances, cooking and eating utensils for your everyday needs.

Each bedroom is furnished with large dressers, nightstands and single platform beds with clean linens, blankets, and pillows provided. Every bedroom also has a flat-screen TV with cable and Wi-Fi.

An on-site washer and dryer, detergent, bathroom products, and cleaning supplies are all provided. Ample resident parking is also provided.

Support Services

  • Structured Living –We provide a strong, structured environment for all of our LGBTQ residents by implementing a three-tiered staffing model. This ensures accountability, structure, and support as you transition out of rehab and into sober life on your own. All residents are required to adhere to the rules of the community and regular drug and alcohol testing maintain a substance-free environment for everyone.
  • Sober Coach – You’ll have a sober coach to walk through your recovery program with you. This ensures you have access to additional guidance and counseling from someone who has also experienced the struggles of early recovery.
  • Group Meetings – Group sessions within your sober home community are coordinated by on-site support staff. The staff will also ensure that all residents stay accountable to the requirements of the sober living program and to their individual sobriety goals.
  • Recovery Programs – Recovery programming for residents are tailored to the LGBTQ community, providing a curriculum-based plan that focuses on relapse prevention, developing and achieving sobriety goals, and providing assistance while you face the challenges of early sobriety. We also provide a peer-led Addiction Monitoring Program so you can work with an assigned program coordinator to achieve your program objectives and maintain accountability.
  • Outpatient Treatment Services – As a resident you’ll also have additional outpatient treatment services available, which you can combine with your local 12-step meetings. IOP is held three times a week and meetings are designed to help you manage your program goals.


Our sober living apartments for LGBTQ men are located in Central Austin, a fast-paced and fun area of the city. The apartments are also just a few miles from the Mueller Market District, a large retail center, and a number of employment opportunities. The complex is also located near several schools, including the University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College.


7211 Northeast Drive Austin, TX 78723 – (512) 402-3284

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