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At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we understand the importance of the environment in the journey to sobriety. Our dedicated sober living facility at 11105 Saint Charles Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, exemplifies our commitment to providing residents with the highest quality amenities and support services. Explore the unique features that make our OKC location a haven for those seeking a new beginning.


Our sober living home at 11105 Saint Charles Ave is thoughtfully designed to enhance your recovery journey. Residents enjoy:

  • Fully furnished rooms, providing a warm, homely atmosphere.
  • Modern, communal living spaces for socialization and support.
  • High-speed internet access for both leisure and educational purposes.
  • Serene outdoor spaces for relaxation and reflection.

Support Services

We believe recovery extends beyond physical sobriety; it’s about rebuilding lives. Our services include:

  • Regularly scheduled group meetings to foster community support.
  • Employment and educational guidance to help residents reintegrate into society.
  • Life skills workshops aimed at fostering independence and confidence.

How much does sober living cost?

Experience Budget-Friendly Rates Starting at $600/month

2 & 3 MAN ROOMS$600/mo. Per Person

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is committed to making sober living accessible. Our home at 11105 Saint Charles Ave offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality or care. For detailed cost information and payment options, please contact us directly.

Our Sober Living Houses are One of the Best in Oklahoma

Convenient Location

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, 11105 Saint Charles Ave is more than just an address; it’s a gateway to a new life. The location is strategically chosen for its:

  • Proximity to employment opportunities, aiding residents in finding work.
  • Access to educational institutions, allowing for personal and professional development.
  • Variety of leisure and recreational activities nearby, supporting a balanced, sober lifestyle.
  • Easy access to public transportation, ensuring residents can navigate the city with ease.

Why Choose Our Saint Charles Ave Location for Your Recovery Journey?

Choosing our sober living home at 11105 Saint Charles Ave means choosing a path lined with support, opportunity, and hope. Our blend of comfortable amenities, comprehensive services, and a prime location offers the ideal setting for individuals dedicated to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Ready to transform your life at our premier sober living facility in OKC? Contact Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more about our sober living options at 11105 Saint Charles Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Let us be part of your journey to a brighter, sober future.

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