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At our sober living facility in San Antonio, residents have access to a wealth of engaging activities designed to cater to a variety of interests, ensuring a rewarding and active lifestyle. These carefully curated experiences cover a wide range of individual preferences, spanning from social and recreational interactions to support and recovery gatherings, as well as educational and vocational pursuits.


Experience modern comfort at our men’s and women’s sober living residence in San Antonio. The living space boasts inviting couches, contemporary dining sets, and flat-screen TVs with cable and Wi-Fi access spanning the entire house.

Catering to culinary needs, our home features a fully stocked kitchen complete with cooking essentials. Reliable appliances like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwaves, and coffee makers ensure convenient meal preparation.

In our shared living quarters, thoughtfully designed bedrooms offer cozy single-platform beds and flat-screen TVs. Dressers and closets provide efficient clothing storage, while bedding, linens, and pillows are thoughtfully included.

Our men’s and women’s sober living facility offers a seamless experience with washers and dryers, stocked with essential laundry supplies. Bathroom necessities and cleaning items are readily available for residents’ convenience, enhancing their stay in San Antonio.

Support Services

  • Structured Living – We require all of our residents to adhere to the community standards and rules. Structured schedules and a strict drug and alcohol-free policy allow us to maintain accountability as well as a safe environment for all residents.
  • Regular Drug and Alcohol Screening – Another way we maintain accountability within our men’s and women’s sober living homes is by requiring residents to participate in regular drug and alcohol screenings. This allows us to hold residents accountable for their own actions.
  • House Managers – Our sober living home for men and women in San Antonio has a house manager. This individual lives with the residents and provides additional support, accountability, and mediation services if a conflict arises within the household. Having on-site staff also provides family members with peace of mind because they know their loved ones will be safe during their time here.
  • Local Support Groups – The San Antonio area is home to several Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups that residents may join for continued recovery support. These groups host scheduled sessions that frequently meet in San Antonio, making it easy and convenient to attend regularly.

How much does sober living cost?

At Eudaimonia, our men’s and women’s sober living solution in San Antonio comes at a budget-friendly rate ranging from $500 – $750 per month per resident, notably below the average apartment rental fee of $1,085. The expense of sober living programs generally fluctuates, influenced by elements like the home’s location, type, amenities, and the spectrum of recovery support services and programs. With Eudaimonia’s sober living homes, you’re guaranteed exceptional value for your investment, promising an enriching experience that’s easy on the wallet.

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