Last Minute Tips for Sober 4th of July Fun

friends having a sober 4thof JulyAre you planning on staying in this 4th of July because you’re just not sure how to celebrate sober? While it’s unrealistic to assume all your friends’ cookouts and parties will be alcohol-free, you should know that you don’t have to stay cooped up inside in an effort to stay sober.

Barbecues, block parties, pool parties, and community events are all hallmarks of this patriotic holiday, but just because alcohol is usually a staple of these activities doesn’t mean you have to miss out. If this will be your first 4th of July sober, here are a few quick tips for sober fun.

  1. Be selective about the 4th of July events you attend.

If your goal is to stay sober this 4th of July, you may want to attend events where no alcohol (or very limited amounts of it) will be available. This may mean seeking out events with family-friendly environments such as parades or festivals or attending parties hosted by friends and family that are aware of your sobriety and supportive of it. You could also do something a little bit out of the ordinary for the 4th of July, such as going to the drive-in movie theatre, camping out at the lake, or attending an outdoor symphony concert at the park.

  1. Plan ahead and communicate with your sponsor.

If you do decide to attend a 4th of July event where alcohol is present, such as a pool party, block party, or barbecue, talk to your sponsor about it and ask him or her to help you make a plan. This will help you feel more confident in your ability to stay sober in the face of temptation and provide you with an escape plan if you start feeling overwhelmed while you’re there.

  1. Invite your sober friends.

It’s always easier to stay sober when you have the support of your peers. If you don’t have many sober friends, a holiday like the 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to make some new ones! Invite some of the other residents at your sober living home to go to a 4th of July event with you or ask a few members of your AA group to come along and use this time to get to know them a little better.

  1. Go to a 12-step meeting.

A sober holiday should always go hand-in-hand with a 12-step meeting. For many people, staying sober on certain holidays can be very difficult. This may be because holidays can sometimes be associated with negative events or feelings. The important thing to know is that it’s always beneficial to seek out extra support during those times. Whether you’re struggling to fight off tempting triggers or you’re just feeling a little bogged down, meeting up with your peers in recovery can provide a helpful outlet for discussion and support.

  1. Host your own sober 4th of July celebration.

If there aren’t any parties or events you’re interested in attending, you can always plan your own sober 4th of July celebration. If you are a resident of a sober living home, invite the other residents to join you and make a day out of it. Grill some hot dogs and hamburgers, play some outdoor games, and then catch a local fireworks show near your Eudaimonia sober living home in Austin, Houston, or Colorado Springs.

  1. If you really want to stay in and do nothing, don’t feel bad about it!

If all you really want to do is stay home and relax in your air conditioning, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can still have sober fun relaxing on the 4th of July. If you feel like having some company, invite a sober friend over for a Netflix marathon, play board games, or break out your favorite video game.

However you choose to spend your 4th of July, doing it sober doesn’t have to be boring. You may just find that a 4th of July spent sober is even more enjoyable and meaningful than any of the others you’ve spent drinking in the past.

If you’ve recently relapsed or just completed a drug rehab program, you may need some extra support staying sober this 4th of July. Call Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn more about our transitional housing programs and sober living homes in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs.

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