Sober in the City: A Guide to Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

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Continued success in sobriety isn’t just something that happens on its own. It’s a product of intentional decisions, commitment, and support. A sober living home can act as a safe haven for people who recently got sober and are looking for a new, fresh start in recovery. Whether you’re a current resident of Houston or you’re actively searching for a new place to start over after rehab, sober living homes and halfway houses in Houston, TX can offer additional support, structure, and safety at a time when it’s needed most.

Sober Living Homes, ¾ Houses, and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

The terms sober living homes, ¾ houses, transitional housing, and halfway houses are often used interchangeably to describe alcohol and drug-free living environments that promote recovery from substance abuse and addiction. While there may be slight differences between each type of recovery residence in terms of structure, recovery support services, staffing, and rules, these terms are intended to describe homes that are clean, safe, and sober places to live.

According to the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), the single term “recovery residence” is meant to encompass all that these three terms aim to describe.1 In an effort to simplify the language used and the general understanding of these types of recovery homes, the NARR classifies recovery residences (or sober living homes) with the four types of homes listed below.

Types of Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

There are many different types of sober living homes in Houston that cater to sober residents at various stages of recovery. Depending on the type of recovery residence, a sober living home may provide varying degrees of structure and support services.

The National Alliance for Recovery Residences classifies types of sober living homes by level, based on their administration, services, type of residence, and staff.2 Here is a brief explanation of the different types of sober living homes and halfway houses you may find in Houston and what type of services, housing, staff, and structure they may provide.


Level I Recovery Residences

These types of sober living homes are peer-run residences that are usually single-family homes. Although there may be a single person who oversees the home, there are no paid staff members. Recovery support services generally include drug testing, house meetings, and encouraged attendance at local community support groups.

Level II Recovery Residences

These types of sober living homes are slightly more structured than Level I homes. A house manager or senior resident will usually enforce a set of house rules, procedures, and guidelines for residents. There is generally at least one paid staff member and recovery support services may include drug testing, peer-run groups, house meetings, and involvement in community support groups or professional treatment programs. Most Level II recovery residences are single family homes but may also be apartment buildings.

Level III Recovery Residences

This type of recovery residence has an organized and certified staff as well as a facility manager. The home may have various types of licenses (depending on its location) and most likely has set policies, procedures, and rules for residents. Recovery services include life skills development and clinical services. The type of recovery residence may vary and can be a residential home or apartment complex.

Level IV Recovery Residences

This type of recovery residence has a fully certified staff, including administrative and clinical professionals. Recovery programming, clinical services, and life skills development services are provided. The type of licensing may also vary depending on the state where it is located. Residents often transition out of residential rehab or IOP into a home like this because it provides a higher level of structure than other types of recovery residences.

Every person has varying needs and circumstances in recovery, but understanding the different types of recovery residences can help you choose a sober living home or halfway house in Houston that properly addresses your needs and promotes long-term recovery.

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    Recovery Services at Sober Living Homes, ¾ Houses, and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

    Many sober living homes and halfway houses in Houston also offer recovery support services that are designed to help residents continue living a sober lifestyle long after they have left detox, residential treatment, and/or IOP. Depending on the type of sober living home you choose, its recovery support services may include:

    Rules and Requirements for Sober Living Homes


    While every sober living home and halfway house is different, the most basic rule of residency is that individuals must abstain from using drugs and alcohol. Just as the definition of “recovery” varies from person to person, requirements for sobriety will also vary depending on the sober living home.

    For example, some recovery residences may prohibit the use of certain types of prescription drugs, while others may make exceptions for certain residents with conditions that require treatment. Other recovery residences may make distinctions between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana while others may prohibit all cannabis use entirely.

    Other rules and requirements for sober living homes may include:

    • Participating in required house meetings, group therapy sessions, or recovery programming
    • Maintaining a clean personal space and contributing to household chores/maintenance
    • Paying for personal items like food, hygiene items, and clothing
    • Avoiding romantic relationships with other sober living residents or staff members
    • Not allowing guests to stay overnight
    • Maintaining employment or actively seeking work if unemployed
    • Respecting roommates’ personal property and living space
    • Paying rent every month in a timely manner

    These rules and requirements are put in place to ensure that the living environment in a sober living home remains safe, drug and alcohol-free, and supportive for all residents.

    Top Benefits of Sober Living and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

    Many people who complete addiction treatment programs like detox, residential rehab, or IOP will continue to prioritize their addiction recovery by enrolling in a sober living program. Depending on your recovery needs and your individual circumstances, enrolling in a sober living program may be the best next step for you too!

    For a fresh start in recovery, Houston Texas offers a community of recovery in an active city on the rise. Houston Texas is known for many things: the Houston Astros, the Houston Rockets and the Texans who steal the spotlight every Sunday. However, all sports aside, Houston ranked 19th in Chron’s “World’s Most Future-Ready Cities,” and continues to attract people year over year.3 A vibrant city with an infrastructure ready to support jobs and growth, Houston boasts many opportunities.

    If you’re unsure whether you should return to your home after rehab or move into a halfway house, there are plenty of great benefits of enrolling in a sober living program.

    • Overall well-being: Research shows that sober living programs help reduce the likelihood of relapse, help people stay sober longer, improve individuals’ overall wellness and social functioning, and improve residents’ rate of employment.3
    • Social connection: Sober living homes provide opportunities for individuals to connect with other sober individuals, establish lasting and meaningful relationships, and participate in fun social activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.
    • Smooth transition out of rehab: Sober living homes act as a buffer between rehab and “real life” by providing structure and stability in early recovery. This provides a smoother transition back into society after treatment.
    • Social services: Many sober living homes provide services that help individuals find employment, get an education, and become actively involved in their communities by volunteering and giving back.
    • Purpose in life: Sober living programs help people find purpose in life as they start over by providing one-on-one support, encouraging social involvement, and providing a sense of community, camaraderie, and belonging.

    How Much Do Sober Living Homes Cost in Houston, TX?

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    The cost of a sober living program in Houston, TX will vary depending on several different factors, such as:

    • The sober living home’s location
    • The sober living home’s amenities
    • The type of recovery support services offered
    • The rooming options (private rooms vs. shared rooms)

    Many sober living homes and halfway houses offer several different rooming options and prices to cater to clients’ varying needs and budgets. The best way to determine the cost of a sober living program is to contact the staff and request more information.

    Eudaimonia Recovery Homes have four different room options for residents at our men’s sober living apartment complex in Houston.

    Our sober living homes in Houston provide safe and sober housing at an affordable rate compared to renting or buying a home on your own. Since our sober living homes also provide Wi-Fi, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and furniture, residents don’t have to worry about paying for individual internet plans, utilities, or furnishing a home. Rent is just a single payment collected on a monthly basis.

    Top 5 Things to Look for in a Sober Living Home, ¾ House, or Halfway House

    tIf you’re searching for a sober living home or halfway house in Houston, TX, here are the top five things to look for.

    1. Safe living environment: A reputable sober living home will put its residents’ safety first, above everything else. Before choosing a sober living home, schedule a tour (if possible) and view the home for yourself. Take note of the way residents and staff treat one another, the state of the home itself, its location, and the way you feel while you’re there. If you feel unsafe and uncomfortable, chances are, that sober living home isn’t a good fit for you.
    2. Convenient location: A great sober living home will also boast a great location! There should be plenty of nearby opportunities for employment, education, and fun, and things like groceries, libraries, and community centers should be easily accessible via car, public transit, or biking/walking.
    3. High level of structure: Sober living homes that provide more structure are more likely to help you thrive in recovery as you adjust to living a sober lifestyle on your own. Although you may feel like you’re ready to live on your own after rehab, having additional structure and social support can help you through difficult days in early recovery once the euphoria of the pink cloud fades.
    4. Access to support services: Having access to support services like individual counseling, employment assistance, educational planning, and peer recovery coaches can help you establish a firm and sober foundation in early sobriety as you gradually adjust to the increased responsibilities of an independent lifestyle.
    5. Certified staff: Sober living staff members who are certified have the necessary skills and experience to guide residents in recovery. When household problems or personal crises arise, it’s helpful to have support staff on-site or nearby who can help you navigate the issue in a responsible and effective way.

    Eudaimonia Sober Living Homes in Houston, TX

    bedroom at sober living home in Houston, TX

    Eudaimonia sober living homes in Houston provide safe, sober, and supportive living spaces for men in all stages of recovery. We operate an all-male apartment complex for sober men in The Heights, which is a vibrant and historic community with easy access to I-10, Houston Community College, and many employment opportunities.

    Our sober living apartment complex in Houston also offers several different rooming options for those who prefer shared or private living spaces, in addition to the following amenities and support services:

    • A dedicated support staff
    • Structured recovery services and support programs
    • Comfortable, modern amenities
    • An inviting game room
    • Washers and dryers
    • A full kitchen
    • Mini refrigerators for each client
    • Single platform beds with comfortable bedding
    • Flat-screen TVs with cable
    • Wi-Fi
    • Cleaning supplies, cooking and eating utensils

    Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is also associated with the following organizations and maintains the highest standard of excellence to exceed the expectations of clients and their families:

    • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
    • NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals
    • National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR)
    • Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN)
    • Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP)
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