Living A Full Life After Rehab in Austin, Texas

Life after rehab can be challenging. Give yourself the best opportunity to make your recovery a lasting one when you choose sober living facilities in Texas.

Sober living facilities Texas can be the best decision you make after recovery. Living in an environment where your roommates or neighbors are using substances can pose a serious risk to sustained recovery.1 Austin is a thriving city that has a lot to offer its residents. Between the fantastic music scene, eclectic restaurants and a variety of entertainment options, Austin is a place to live where you will never be bored. There is always something to do that is fun and healthy for those who wish to live a sober lifestyle.

Life in Austin After Treatment

Life in sober living facilities Texas, especially in Austin, is putting you right in the middle of one of the best towns in America. It’s your time to focus on your health now, and nature offers peace and healing for your body and soul. Barton Springs, a natural swimming pool in Zilker Park, offers a daily opportunity to enjoy the waters and beautiful surrounding area. This three-acre pool is a favorite of locals and tourists for soaking up some sun and dipping into the 68-degree waters.

Entertain Yourself

Going to the movies in Austin can be more than just seeing a movie: it’s an event. Some theaters also provide live comedy, singing and other entertainment that is unique to the area. Sober living facilities Texas can house you right near all the action of the city’s theaters.

Sober Living Facilities Texas: Just What You’re Seeking

When you wish to continue living in the great state of Texas, Austin is a fine choice for you. Your social networks are a very important part of your recovery support, and living with people who are sober decreases your risk of relapse.2

At Eudaimonia Homes’ sober living facilities Texas, you will be held accountable, receive the support you need to avoid relapse and also get assistance with job opportunities or school support. Our extended care admissions department is open around the clock. Just a few minutes on the phone will begin the admissions process.

We are here and ready to help you begin living life after rehab in Austin.


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