Sober Living Recovery Homes Offer Safe Living in the Big City

Austin is one of the most exciting cities in Texas, beloved for its thriving arts scene, eclectic selection of food trucks and deep historic roots—and sober living recovery homes that enable you to explore and enjoy this abundance of life from a safe, sober base.

Sober Living Recovery Homes Offer Save Living

Cities like Austin can pose a real problem for people in early recovery, especially if triggers abound. You may associate listening to live music with drinking, or a beautiful day in the park with getting high. It’s all a very slippery slope in early recovery, and that’s why sober living recovery homes exist. The unwavering support and high level of accountability offered by sober living recovery homes allow you to learn to really live again.

Sober Living Recovery Homes Give You an Opportunity to Explore

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration cites “home” as one of the four major dimensions of recovery.1 When you’re living in a safe, stable environment with supportive people, you’re far more likely to stay in recovery—and to enjoy your life.

Finding enjoyment in life without drugs or alcohol is critical to successful long-term recovery, according to an article published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.2 But unless you have a safe place to live and a strong support system in the community, you may begin to feel isolated. You don’t want to engage in any activities that you might associate with using—and there may be a lot of those—but you can’t hide from the world, either.

Sober living recovery homes offer you the unique opportunity to move through your recovery journey with other like-minded people. You’re safe here. At Eudaimonia Homes, our Recovery Support offers strong staff support and a variety of programs to help you find purpose and meaning in life. And because you’re living with your peers, you have a built-in support system both at home and while you’re out socializing to help you develop new ideas about fun while maintaining a high level of personal accountability.


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