< Life After Rehab: Advantages of Texas Sober Living
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Texas Sober Living

Resisting relapse after rehab becomes almost impossible if you return to a harmful living environment, even when you’re highly motivated.1 A harmful living environment is one that permits or encourages drug and alcohol use. A Texas sober living house is a substance-free setting providing helpful structure and support, which are advantages for transitioning into independent life after treatment.

Advantages of Texas Sober Living

Let’s take a closer look at specific advantages you’ll have when residing in a Texas sober living environment.

Recovery Support at a Critical Time: The risk of relapse is greatest early in recovery. It’s better to transition through a Texas sober living home, to get a better footing in sobriety, before you live on your own. The more help and monitoring you receive at the start, the better the chances you’ll avoid a relapse in the early stages.

Career and Academic Support: Work or school is a pathway to a productive life, but you may be at a disadvantage because substance abuse negatively impacted your career or education. A Texas sober living environment offers employment services and academic classes, preparing you for a useful, worthwhile career path.

Accountability: Regular drug and alcohol tests hold residents accountable for their behaviors by making it difficult to conceal any rule-breaking. All residents deserve a safe and healthy environment for effective healing, and drug and alcohol screening ensures this.

Peer Support: You’re in a residence where people are just like you, recovering from the struggles of substance abuse. A Texas sober living home is the perfect setting for mutual support, understanding and friendship. Some of these friendships can be helpful, supportive and rewarding for months or years to come.2

Recovery and life after treatment is about getting the support you need. A Texas sober living residence helps put you on a positive track and makes a relapse much less likely. For more information about Texas sober living homes, contact Eudaimonia Homes today.




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