The Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Sober Living In Los Angeles

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Sober Living In Los Angeles
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Los Angeles is a city known for its nightlife and party scene. However, there is another side to LA that is often unseen – the sober living scene. In recent years, there has been a growing movement of people choosing to live sober lifestyles. And for good reason!

Sober living has many benefits, including improved mental and physical health, increased productivity, and more money in your pocket. If you’re considering sober living, then read on for the top 10 reasons you should do it in Los Angeles!

What is sober living?

Sober living is a lifestyle choice where one abstains from using alcohol or any other drugs. People who choose sober living seek to break the mental and physical patterns of substance abuse and addiction, gain healthier relationships with others and make a sustainable lifestyle change.

Sober living provides an environment that values health and sobriety, and encourages individuals to be responsible for their own recovery. Residents in a sober living home are perceived to have more freedom, but still must observe house rules and regulations. These can include attending therapy sessions, challenging their own negative thought processes and engaging in positive recreational activities.

A true sober living approach calls for individuals to live a healthy and independent lifestyle. This is done by forming better connections between the brain and body, forming new relationships and reestablishing trust among friends, family and acquaintances. A sober living lifestyle can deepen a person’s experiential and emotional bonds, ultimately helping them to live a life of purpose and renewed meaning.

Sober living in Los Angeles

Sober living in Los Angeles is a great option for individuals seeking a supportive environment, with a close proximity to quality recovery centers and resources. Los Angeles is home to a population of over four million people and many sober living houses.

There are a number of reasons why sober living in Los Angeles is a great choice:


Los Angeles is home to many of the top treatment centers, creating easy access to resources, meetings and support systems.


Los Angeles is home to the largest recovery population in the nation. Furthermore, many sober living houses offer extended care program designed to help individuals adjust to the new sober life in a supportive and social environment.


There is also no shortage of outdoor and community activities available, from hikes in the Angeles Mountains to numerous recreational centers, parks, and art galleries throughout the city.


A vast number of job opportunities exist throughout the city for individuals transitioning from addiction.


With its near-perfect California weather, Los Angeles is comfortable any time of the year. This can be especially important for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


Numerous rehab and outpatient centers exist with well-developed outpatient plans for those in recovery.

Celebrate Sobriety

LA is an incredibly diverse city, with numerous events and occasions catered to those in sobriety. A few examples include the annual Los Angeles

The top 10 reasons to consider sober living in Los Angeles

Structured Environment

Sober living homes offer a safe and structured environment which encourages growth, healing and responsibility. Residents of sober living homes often have access to a variety of resources, such as group meetings, job opportunities and education programs.

Utilize Support System

Sober living houses often have sober mentors and counselors who are available 24/7 if and when help is needed. This is especially important in the early days of sobriety when cravings, withdrawals, and temptations can be strong.

Explore Culture

There are numerous cafes, night clubs and live performances available to enjoy sober, which can be found throughout the city. This can be an especially great way to explore others’ cultures without the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Affordable Accommodations

Sobriety-focused accommodations in Los Angeles are, in most cases, more affordable for those than apartments, condos and other housing solutions.

Meeting Opportunities

Los Angeles has many Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings available, making it easy to access support when needed.

Community Events

Los Angeles is also home to a variety of events, including sober music festivals and fundraisers, all of which support a vibrant and uplifting sober community.

Increased Self-Confidence

Many who move to Los Angeles find the experience and journey to sobriety can improve one’s self-confidence, both personally and professionally. Being able to overcome addiction and take control of one’s life can be empowering. Additionally, participating in a recovery community that understands and supports one’s journey can also contribute to an increase in self-esteem.

Networking Opportunities

Los Angeles is home to a bustling entertainment industry, with opportunities for those in recovery to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially even advance their careers. There are also numerous 12-step meetings, support groups, and sober events where individuals can expand their support network and make connections that can be beneficial in both their personal and professional lives.

Access to Quality Treatment

Los Angeles has a wide array of addiction treatment centers, with options ranging from inpatient to outpatient care, as well as specialized programs for specific populations such as LGBTQ+ individuals or veterans. Having access to quality treatment can greatly increase one’s chances of achieving long-term sobriety and improving their overall quality of life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Los Angeles is known for its emphasis on health and wellness, with a plethora of fitness options, healthy restaurants, and outdoor activities. For those in recovery, focusing on physical health and well-being can be an important part of the journey. Being in an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle can make it easier to maintain sobriety and improve overall health and well-being.

Overall, while the decision to move to Los Angeles for recovery is a personal one, the city offers numerous benefits that can contribute to a successful and fulfilling journey to sobriety.

Sober Activities and Points of Interest in Los Angeles

Looking for things to do in Los Angeles while sober can be tricky. The city is known for its nightlife and social scene, which can make avoiding alcohol and drugs difficult. However, there are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles that don’t revolve around drinking or partying. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Visit one of the city’s many museums, like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
  • Take a walk or hike through one of the city’s many parks, like Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon Park
  • Attend a show at one of the city’s many theaters, like the Hollywood Pantages Theatre or the Ahmanson Theatre
  • Explore one of the city’s many neighborhoods, like Chinatown or Koreatown
  • Check out a sober meetup or activity group, like a hiking or book club group. Many cities have sober groups and events that focus on socializing without alcohol. You can also check online for virtual sober meetups or groups that you can join from anywhere.

The Bottom Line

It is essential for everyone to take their own recovery seriously, and remember that there are many paths to sobriety. One should consider the pros and cons of sober living in Los Angeles before making a decision about their recovery. While moving to Los Angeles does come with some advantages, such as access to structured environments and positive role models; it also means making a major life change and living away from family and friends.

That being said, sober living in Los Angeles provides a safe environment that encourages growth and progress, making it a great option for anyone looking to build a worthwhile, sober lifestyle. The abundance of support systems, activities and community events make this a great city to consider when considering a sober home.

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