Sober Activity Series: An Introductory Guide to Houseplants

Sober Activity Series An Introductory Guide to Houseplants

In recovery, some find that they have extra time on their hands that used to be occupied in some way by substance use. We’re starting off our new Sober Activity Series with caring for houseplants as a great way to dedicate that extra time to something productive. Houseplants are a great form of therapy for anyone in recovery, someone working through trauma, dealing with mental illness, or some combination of the three. Research shows that for 88% of Americans, caring for houseplants has improved their mental health. So let’s go over a few beginner-friendly houseplants to get you started in your new sober hobby!

Benefits of Houseplants

There are so many reasons to get into houseplants. To name a few, houseplants are great natural air purifiers and they add life and vibrancy to any room. They can be something to look forward to and keep track of if you find yourself with too much time on your hands in recovery. Additionally, caring for houseplants is a fun hobby with a very active community. The indoor houseplant community exploded in 2020 and has only picked up speed since. Some houseplants are even highly sought after for their beauty and rarity. Meet-ups, plant swaps, and pop-up markets are commonly found around Houston!

Houseplants for Beginners

It’s discouraging to purchase a houseplant and put a bunch of time and effort into caring for it, only for it to die on you. So here are a couple of hearty houseplants that are nearly impossible to kill. Once you master caring for these resilient plants, you can move on to more intermediate and fussy houseplants. 

All Varieties of Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Sober Activity Series: An Introductory Guide to Houseplants
Golden Pothos Vine

The Pothos is considered the quintessential beginner houseplant. It can bounce back from weeks of neglect nearly overnight simply by giving it a little water. Pothos are super forgiving to anyone looking to learn plant care. It’s also highly rewarding to care for because it’s one of the most quickly growing houseplants on this list. And with so many beautiful varieties, there are lots of options to choose from. The most common variety is the Golden Pothos which you can find in most big box stores. 

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

Sober Activity Series: An Introductory Guide to Houseplants
Silver Bay Chinese Evergreen

Another hearty plant, the Chinese Evergreen is known for its beautiful variety of variegated leaves. Most assortments have leaf patterns in crisp variations of green that look more like an acrylic painting than a real-life plant. Chinese Evergreens are also especially hard to kill and highly adaptable to almost any environment. 

Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Sober Activity Series: An Introductory Guide to Houseplants
Swiss Cheese Monstera Deliciosa

The poster child of the indoor houseplant, Monster Deliciosa is a great beginner houseplant for anyone who needs the instant gratification (or reassurance) of measurable new growth. With fairly minimal care and attention, a Monstera Deliciosa can put out one to two new leaves every two weeks. But be careful, Monsteras can get out of hand pretty quickly if you don’t keep your eye on them. In other words: they get big, fast. Especially if they’re placed in a room with high light. 

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Sober Activity Series: An Introductory Guide to Houseplants
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

Peace Lilies are considered the perfect plant to gift to other people because they can survive in nearly any lighting situation which takes out the guesswork. Every plant needs sunlight, but Peace Lilies are perfectly content in a sunlit living room or a bedroom with blackout curtains drawn 80% of the day. However, these are among the most highly toxic plants for cats and dogs. So be sure to keep them out of reach of curious paws!

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