Top 7 Apps for People in Addiction Recovery

Top 7 Apps for People in Addiction Recovery

In the age of technology, it’s become a lot easier to track your sobriety and manage your recovery plan. Below is a list of recovery-based apps that you can download on your smartphone. These apps allow you to connect with a supportive community and meet your own treatment goals. Regardless of whether you are newly sober or established in your recovery, there is an app on this list for you! All of the applications are available on Android and Apple iOS. Prices are subject to change as of the writing of this article. Eudaimonia does not receive commissions on purchases and is not in sponsorship with any of the applications listed below.

Sober Grid

Price: free

Using a platform similar in style to Facebook, Sober Grid allows you to establish online profiles, interact, support, and engage with other individuals in recovery. The application also allows you to anonymously report whether or not you are sober, your mood, and your current status. The connections you create with other people in recovery on a daily basis can keep you on a steady path to sobriety. If you activate the GPS tracker, you will be able to discover people in recovery near you. 

A “Daily Quests” function allows the user to complete little activities, such as reading daily inspiration or adding items to a gratitude list, in order to improve their mood and decrease negative thinking throughout the day. Regardless of where you are on your sobriety journey, you may receive life-saving assistance from this app. You may now track your personal sobriety, maintain a virtual journal, keep track of your triggers, and connect with other individuals on the sobriety journey.

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

Price: free

Nomo is a fantastic resource for those in recovery. The clock function can mark critical turning points in the process, and you may post your feelings of fear, joy, or guilt in the “encouragement” section of the app to let people know that they aren’t the only one struggling in addiction recovery.


Price: free

Sobriety can be monitored efficiently using SoberTool. The app delivers daily motivation and reminders to help you stay on track. By achieving different sobriety milestones, you can earn rewards. Furthermore, the app calculates how much money you might save by remaining sober. When you’re feeling like you may relapse, you can answer questions and receive encouraging messages to keep you on the right path.

WEconnect Recovery

Price: free

In addition to daily reminders to stay on track with your recovery plan, the WEconnect app provides you with reminders to call your sponsor, go to a group meeting, or meditate. You can also check in to 12-step meetings, outpatient treatment, group therapy, church services, or one-on-one coaching sessions using the app. If you are feeling particularly down, you may use the SOS feature to get extra help when you need it. When you first download the app, you can choose whether you want to manage your own recovery or support someone else’s.


Price: free

rTribe was developed by former addicts. With rTribe, you can create a pseudonym account, connect with others using individual or group messaging, track your recovery, disclose your progress, and seek assistance when you are experiencing a craving. The app also counts your days of sobriety and check-ins.

Additionally, rTribe can help you identify the specific times of day when you’re susceptible to using substances. Tracking this can assist you in creating a substance abuse prevention strategy. You can take an assessment to determine your addiction severity, as well as determine how to avoid future triggers. Addiction information is also provided in the form of blogs and self-help video sessions.

AA Big Book Free

Price: free

This app lets you access the complete text of the Big Book in its entirety. Also included are sobriety calculators, meetings, podcasts, prayers, and personal stories. You can bookmark any important passages that resonate with you. Additionally, you can make notes on individual chapters in the comment section, and search for keywords, among other things. You can also keep track of your sobriety date and progress!

Eudaimonia Can Help Keep You on the Path to Recovery

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